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vIn the world of industrial processes, the quality of compressed air is paramount. Moisture-laden air can lead to equipment corrosion, reduced efficiency, and compromised end-product quality. That’s where our Air Dryer for Air Compressor comes into play.

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Air Dryer for Air Compressor Manufacturers & Supplier

SOLLANT is a professional manufacturer of air dryers, committed to providing high-quality air dryer equipment and solutions. With many years of industry experience and expertise, we provide customized refrigeration dryer systems for customers in various application fields.

The atmosphere naturally contains several impurities such as dust, various forms of carbon dioxide, hydrogen compounds and water in the form of humidity.

Once sucked into the compressor, these impurities are compressed and sent along the pipeline along with the oil particles. These contaminants interact to produce abrasive and corrosive effects that can cause wear of downstream equipment or form corrosive emulsions.

Sollant has developed a range of premium air solutions to ensure professional air quality. Increase efficiency and productivity and extend the life of equipment and tools. The quality of compressed air is of paramount importance to users. If air laden with contaminants comes into contact with the final product, the cost of rejecting the final product can be unacceptably high, and the cheapest option for producing a product can become prohibitively expensive.

Compressed Air System Flow Chart