Refrigeration Air Dryer


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Flow range: 1.6~180 m3/min
Pressure range: ≤1.6 MPa (16 barg)
Maximum intake air temperature: 60°C
Maximum ambient temperature: 50°C
Minimum ambient temperature: 5°C
Maximum cooling water temperature: 35°C
Cooling method: air-cooled/water-cooled
Power supply: 220V/1Ph/50Hz (60-PD~150-PD)
Refrigerant: R407C (R22 optional)
Rated working conditions: working pressure 0.7 MPa, intake air temperature 38°C, ambient temperature 38°C, cooling water temperature 30°C, pressure dew point 2-10°C.


High-quality compressed air escorts your equipment and processes

Refrigerated dryers ensure dry compressed air, prolonging the life of your equipment and ensuring excellent production quality. Efficient removal of water to avoid corrosion in compressed air networks and air tools. All in all, can reduce your maintenance cost and improve your overall level, the production process gives you complete peace of mind.

» Strong and sturdy

  • The precooler, evaporator, and gas-liquid separator adopt an integrated design;
  • The special thickened alloy aluminum heat exchanger assembly has a much higher corrosion resistance than similar designs at home and abroad; it is different from products made of carbon steel and will not cause secondary pollution to the gas quality;
  • The surface of the wind condenser adopts nano anti-corrosion coating to prolong the service life.

» Energy saving and environmental protection

  • The heat exchanger adopts the advanced plate-fin structure in Europe and America, with high efficiency;
  • The temperature difference between the inlet and outlet of the precooler is 5-8°C, which is much better than that of similar products, which not only ensures extremely low relative humidity at the outlet, but also prevents condensation at the nozzle.
  • Since the pre-cooler recovers more than 90% of the cooling capacity, the load on the evaporator is effectively reduced, and the energy consumption of the whole machine is only 70% of that of similar products.
  • The whole series of products use environmentally friendly refrigerants, which comply with the environmental protection laws of various countries.

» Safe and reliable

  • Segmented test design eliminates the risk of system leakage;
  • The main components are all internationally renowned brands with high reliability;
  • The whole series of products are equipped with multiple overload protection and shutdown protection;
  • The whole series of products have passed the latest EU CE safety certification.

» Various control options

  • The standard configuration is instrument type with fault alarm;
  • Can be selected according to user needs: single-chip microcomputer, PLC, touch screen, etc.;
  • It can meet various communication requirements of users from RS485 I/O, Profibus, Modbus, Ethernet connection, etc.

Technical Parameters

Standard operating conditions
Ambient temperature 35°C; Intake temperature <45°C; Intake pressure>0.7Mpa; Pressure dew point 2-10°C under standard working conditions;

Extreme conditions
Ambient temperature<45°C; Intake temperature<60°C; Inlet pressure>0.5Mpa; Equipment pressure: below SLT135L (included)≤1.6Mpa; above SLT170L (included)≤1.3Mpa