High Temperature Refrigeration Air Dryer


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Capacity: 1~15 m3/min
Max. working pressure: ≤1.6MPa (16barg)
Max. inlet temperature: 80℃
Max. ambient temperature: 50℃
Min. ambient temperature : 5℃
Max. cooling water temperature: 35℃
Cooling type: air-cooled/water-cooled
Power supply: 220V/1Ph/50Hz/60Hz
Refrigerant: R134a/R407C
Rated working pressure: 0.7MPa
Inlet temperature: 60℃
Ambient temperature: 38℃
Cooling water temperature: 32℃


High-quality compressed air escorts your equipment and processes

Refrigerated dryers ensure dry compressed air, prolonging the life of your equipment and ensuring excellent production quality. Efficient removal of water to avoid corrosion in compressed air networks and air tools. All in all, can reduce your maintenance cost and improve your overall level, the production process gives you complete peace of mind.

    • Designed to handle high inlet temperatures up to 80℃.
    • High-efficiency all-in-one heat exchanger design enables our dryers lightweight and small footprint.
    • Environment-friendly HFC refrigerants R134a and R407C.
    • Less point of welding, lower leakage risk.
    • Large pre-cooler & counter flow design, save energy up to 25%.
    • Demister water separator, 99+% efficiency dew point guarantee, much better than cyclone separator.
    • Rugged hermetically refrigeration compressors provide years of trouble-free service.
    • Automatic refrigeration temperature control system maintains precise chilled air temperature.

Technical Parameters