Heated Blower Adsorption Air Dryer


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Regeneration gas volume: ≤0%
Working pressure: 0.6~1.0Mpa
Intake oil content: ≤0.1mg/m³
Pressure dew point: -20℃
Standard working cycle: 2~8 hours
Intake temperature: 0℃~45℃


» Features

  • Zero gas consumption for regeneration
  • Large-sized tower body ensures air flow rate and contact time
  • High-performance adsorbent with stable performance and long service life
  • Temperature Butterfly Valve
  • High-temperature protection, low-density heater
  • High-quality blower, stable and reliable
  • PLC control

» Working principle

Adsorption drying process: compressed air containing moisture flows through the adsorption tower equipped with high-performance adsorbents, and the moisture in the compressed air is absorbed and dried by the adsorbents and flows to the gas terminal for use at the gas point.

Regeneration process: This series of dryers uses a high-pressure blower to blow ambient air (as a regeneration airflow) into the heating cylinder of the heater, and flows through the adsorbent that needs to be desorbed. Using the principle of desorbing the adsorbent at high temperatures, the water part is taken out of the adsorption cylinder and discharged to the atmosphere.

Technical Parameters