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Product Name: Air filter for screw air compressor, Replacement Air Compressor filter, Air Filter C20500
Filtration Efficiency: 99%
Porosity: 3 micron
Diesel engine filter: Diesel oil filter
Cylinder: Cylinder Asm Assembly
Three Filter: air compressor
Valve: Temperature control valve
Warranty: 2 years
Certification: CE/ASME/ISO
Color: Optional&customization
Local Service Location: Philippines, Mexico, Russia


1. Applicable Industries:

Industrial Equipment, Printing Service, Pipelines, Power Plants, Oil & Gas, Oil Refinery, Coating, Painting, Plastics, Steel Industry, Rubber, Mechanical, Blow Molding, Color Sorter Machine, Shipyard, Sandblasting, Metallurg, etc.

Different industries correspond to different air compressors, Kindly please send me your application areas and specific conditions, then will recommend the most suitable products for you.


2. Air Compressor High-efficiency Precision Filter:

Adopt high-density aluminum extruded aluminum shell, positive electrode anti-rust treatment, forced venting device design.  The material of the filter screen is exclusively designed and manufactured by DH Company. The inner layer is made of “boron silicon micro-glass,” which can be used to remove moisture actively. The outer layer is made of silicone-free foam cotton, which can completely isolate clean air and the adsorbed pollutants.


3. Separation filter (grade C)

Suitable for filtering a large amount of liquid and 3-micron size agglomeration without 5ppmw / w maximum residual oil content.


4. Supervisor filter (grade T)

*Suitable for filtering large amounts of liquid and 1-micron size condensate, (1.0 ppm w / w) maximum residual oil con·tent.
*Internal / external filter cores are antl-corrosion-resistant two-stage filtration.
*The first stage stringy medium and the medium filter net filter the larger particles and prefilter before the air enters the second stage filter.
*The second layer of multi-layer mixed fiber media to filter out small aggregates.


5. Depth filter(grade A)
It is suitable for filtering trace oil and gas in compressed air to 0.01PPM and impurity particles to 0.01MICRON to achieve high-quality compressed air without oil standards. In addition, it can also filter liquids and solids as small as 0.01um The particles reach a low residual oil content of only 0.001 ppm, and almost all moisture, dust, and oil are removed.


6. Compressed air purification system flow chart: