What Kind Of Air Compressor And Compressed Air Are Needed For Laser Cutting Machine?

Sollant Integrated Compressor Inside

1. How does the laser cutting machine work?

Laser cutting is the thermal process that uses the focused high power and high-density laser beam to irradiate a certain area of the material so that the material at the irradiated place will melt, and vaporize. Thus the material is cut.

Generally, there are two popular types of laser cutting: the CO2 Laser Cutting Machine and the Fiber Laser Cutting Machine.

Co2 Laser Cutting

CO2 Laser Cutting Machine

The CO2 Laser Cutter produces the laser beam in a glass tube filled with CO2 gas. With a high voltage electrical current passing through the tube and reacting with the CO2 gas particles, the energy of the light increases and heats so that it can vaporize certain area of the material.


Fiber Lase Cutting Machine

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

The Fiber Laser Cutter works in a similar way to the CO2 laser cutter. However, the light beam is directed to a fiber-optic that intensifies the beam to melt the material.


2. What kind of air compressor is used for the laser cutting machines?

What kind of compressed air is needed for the laser cutting machine?

As we mentioned before, laser cutting is a thermal process, and the auxiliary gas is necessary to help to ignite the material, such as oxygen or nitrogen, etc.

However, compared with pure oxygen or nitrogen, compressed air is the more economical choice.

Compressed Air for Laser Cutting

Though compressed air only contains about 20% oxygen, the cutting efficiency is far less than that of oxygen cutting. However, by using the air compressor for laser cutting, the cutting efficiency is higher than that of nitrogen cutting and the cutting capacity is close to that of nitrogen.

For this reason, the air compressor of laser cutting offers a more economical and practical choice. Besides, with the high-speed airflow produced by the air compressor, the molten material and other particles can be removed.


What kind of air compressor is needed for the laser cutting machine?

The quality of compressed air has a direct impact on the quality of laser cutting. For this reason, the fiber laser air compressor must be equipped with a good dryer to remove the moisture as much as possible. Thus an air compressor with an integrated dryer is necessary. Besides, it’s also necessary to remove the oil and dust particles from the compressed air so the high precision filter group is also required.

Sollant Integrated Compressor Inside

Besides, the air compressor for laser cutting should make the laser cutting machine work continuously. To ensure this, an air tank should be mounted in the air compressor so as to guarantee the volume of the compressed air. Thus the mounted air compressor, or in other words, the tank air compressor is an ideal choice for laser cutting.

To sum up, the integrated air compressor is the best choice for a laser cutting machine. Sollant provides the 4-in-1 Integrated air compressor: with a high-performance air compressor, air tank of large volume, air dryer, and high precision filter group, this 4-in-1 Air Compressor is your best choice for laser cutting machine.

Sollant 4 in 1 Intergrated Compressor

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Moreover, most users do not have knowledge of air compressors and compressed air purification treatment. To purchase an air compressor, air storage tank, air dryer, and filet separately and to install them one by one is too complicated. Sollant’s 4-In-1 Integrated Air Compressor helps you to save all these works and costs.


3. Is the air compressor important to the fiber laser cutting machines?

As we mentioned at the beginning, there are mainly two types of laser cutting: CO2 laser cutting and fiber laser cutting. Is the air compressor also a necessary device for the fiber laser cutting machine? The answer is Yes.

First of all, like other types of laser cutting, the auxiliary gas is also necessary to cut the metal plates. As we mentioned before, the cost of pure nitrogen or oxygen is high. Instead, the compressed air is a more economical and practical choice. Thus the fiber laser air compressor is  more and more commonly used

Secondly, the air compressor for the fiber laser cutting machine can also be used as a power source to supply the cylinder fir clamping table. The fiber laser air compressor can also purge and remove dust from the optical path system.

Sollant Tank Mounted Air Compressor

Sollant’s Integrated Air Compressor is a multiple-function air compressor for the laser cutting machine. It’s an air compressor with integrated air. It’s also a large tank air compressor. This integration-type design makes our air compressor an ideal choice for fiber laser cutting. Besides its equipped with a variable speed motor, which makes if offers the compressed air continuously with less energy cost.