Integrated 4-In-1 Air Compressor


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Product Name: Integrated Air Compressor, 4in1 Air Compressor, All In One Screw Air Compressor
Gas Type: Air
Power: 5.5-22Kw
Horsepower: 7.5-30hp
Driven method: Direct driven
Configuration: Stationary
Lubrication Style: Lubricated
Air outlet diameter: DN25
Weight: 370-550kg
Warranty: 2 years
Certification: CE/ASME/ISO
Color: Optional&customization
Local Service Location: Philippines, Mexico, Russia


Why choose A 4-IN-1 air compressor?

(1). Integrated design with beautiful appearance, fewer parts, and connectors reduce the possibility of unit failure and leakage; direct discharge of dry compressed air, fully guarantee the quality of user terminal gas; greatly save customer installation costs and use space.
(2). With new modular design structure, compact layout, ready to install and work.
(3). After strict testing of the unit, the vibration value of the unit is far lower than the international standard.
(4). The integrated and optimized pipeline design reduces the length and number of pipelines, thereby reducing the incidence of pipeline leakage and internal losses caused by the pipeline system.
(5). Adopting a freeze dryer with excellent performance, a compact rotary refrigeration compressor, and a high cooling capacity configuration scheme to ensure reliable operation under high-temperature conditions.

1. Screw Air Compressor:

sollant air compressor for fiber laser cutting machine

♦ Motor
Adopt high-efficiency and energy-saving IE4 motor

♦ Air End
New 20CrMrTi (alloy steel) two-stage rotor material, 5:6 tooth rotor profile, higher strength, and better energy efficiency. The new bearing structure, using copper bearings greatly improves the service life of
the machine body

♦ Oil And Gas Tanks
The oil and gas separation tank is designed with an external oil separation core for easy maintenance

♦ Oil Separator
The oil separation core adopts the MAN brand, and the oil and gas separation effect is better

2. Refrigerated Air Dryers:

sollant air dryer for screw air compressor

High-quality compressed air for your equipment and processes
The aluminum plate-fin series of refrigerated dryers ensures dry compressed air, prolongs the service life of your equipment, and ensures excellent production quality. Efficient water removal prevents corrosion in the compressed air network and in the air tools. All in all, it reduces your maintenance costs and improves your overall level of production with complete peace of mind.

♦ Excellent performance

Excellent performance
High-efficiency plate-fin heat exchanger
Low relative humidity of outlet air
Professional water removal function
Dew point 2-10°C

♦ Energy saving and carbon reduction

Energy saving and carbon reduction
50% reduction in energy consumption
compared to shell and tube dryers
Optimized refrigeration system

3. Precision Filter:

Test compressed air quality according to lSO 8573

♦ Residual oil measurement – OIL-Check 400
Continuously and accurately measure the residual oil content in the form of steam from 0.001 mg/m’ to 2.5 mg/m’, Class 1 compressed air quality can be monitored through a low detection limit of 0.001mg/m'(ISO 8573)

♦ Particle counter PC 400
The high-precision optical particle counter PC 400 can measure particles as low as0.1 um in size, so it is suitable for monitoring the quality of compressed air at level 1(ISO 8573)

♦ Residual humidity – dew point sensor FA 510
FA 510 can measure the pressure dew point up to – 80Cd. At this time, continuous measurement can also ensure that the alarm will be triggered immediately when the compressed air dryer fails.

4. Technical Parameters: