Typical Applications for PET Air Compressor

PET Blow Molding Air Compressor

1. What is PET Blow Air Compressor? How is the PET Blowing Process?

PET industry

Nowadays, PET is a commonly used material in many applications and the most popular usage is PET bottle making.

Generally speaking, the PET bottle blowing molding process is reheating a pre-molded PET preform and then injecting the food grade compressed air into this preform till this preform expands to form the desired shape. Once the plastic has cooled, the bottle is removed from the PET blowing machine, and the process repeats.

As it’s mentioned above, compressed air is essential for the PET bottle blowing, which makes the PET blow air compressor a crucial factor for the industry.

How does the PET Blow Molding Air Compressor work?

PET Blow Molding Air Compressor

In late 1973 the first PET bottle was invented and in the late 1970s, the PET bottle industry took off. Then the first PET blow air compressor appeared on the market.

Reciprocating Piston Air Compressor

The reciprocating piston compressor is the most common type of PET Blowing Molding Air Compressor: after opening the suctions valves, the atmospheric air is fed into the cylinder through an air filter and is compressed by drawing back the piston to the cylinder head; naturally, the compression process warms the air up and there’s an intercooler to cool the compressed air after.

 PET Bottle Blowing

To a certain extent, the required pressure of the air depends on the bottle’s design and its wall thickness: thick walls and sharp edges require higher pressure than simpler shapes and thinner walls. Generally speaking, the air pressure for the PET bottle blowing is high: normally, the stretch blow molding process works with a pressure of 10-25 bar for pre-blowing and a maximum of 40 bar for the bottle blowing process. In summary, the bottle blowing process requires a high-pressure air compressor for the PET industry.


2. What is High-Pressure Air Compressor?

High Pressure Air Compressor System

When we talk about a High-Pressure Air Compressor, we refer to a high-pressure air compressor or a High-Pressure Booster Air Compressor: in terms of the High-Pressure Air Compressor, it takes ambient air through several stages of compression in order to supply a consistent high-pressure air; in terms of the High-Pressure Booster Air Compressor, it amplifies the pressure of pre-compressed air from existing systems.

Both the High-Pressure Air Compressor for the PET industry and the Booster Compressor for PET blowing machines plays an important role in PET bottle production.


3. Ho to select the High-Pressure Air Compressor for PET Industry?

PET Bottle Blowing Process

Initially, the PET Blowing Molding Air Compressor started with three-stage, air-cooled, lubricated piston units in multiple quantities for smaller systems and water-cooled, oil-free, three-stage or two-stage booster compressor for the larger systems.

For the PET bottle is mostly used for beverages or medicine, it must meet the food grade requirements. For this reason, the oil-free booster air compressor with high pressure for PET bottle blowing is the best choice. The Oil Free Booster Compressor produced by Sollant is you ideal choice. For more information, please click: Oil Free Screw Air Piston Booster Compressor

Sollant Pet Blow Air Compressor

Sollant PET Blow Molding Air Compressors

Among so many China PET Bottle Blowing Air Compressor manufacturers, why choose Sollant? When you select the booster compressor for PET blowing machine, you need to consider the followings:

*Types of Bottles: as mentioned above, the bottle’s shape and wall thickness determine the type of the PET Blow Air Compressor to an extent. Sollant’s Oil-Free Boost Air Compressor offers the high pressure required by the bottle blowing process and shows other advantages: less vibration and low noise.

*Air Quality: the compressed air needs to meet the food grade requirement as the PET bottles are used as containers for drinks or medicine. Sollant’s Oil-Free Booster Compressor ensures that no lubricant is used in the cylinder. Besides this oil-free booster air compressor can also pass down particulates and anything in the inlet air.

*Operation Stability: the PET bottle blowing is a process with repeats and this requires a long-term running of the PET Blow Molding Air Compressor.

Sollant’s high-pressure air compressor for the PET industry ensures a stable and long-term operation as the main engine parts adopt corrosion-resistant food-grade stainless steel, which is more durable than the coating material.

*Fast Maintenance: In the PET bottle blowing application, the PET Blow Molding Air Compressor is the most maintenance-intensive component. Sollant’s Oil-Free Booster Compressor ensures the compression cylinder is without oil; besides, it adopts all stainless steel systems to ensure the compressed air is clean and pollution-free.

*Power Cost: the power cost is the most concerning issue for many PET bottle manufacturers. Our Oil-Free Booster Compressor for PET blowing machine adopts efficient energy-saving motors that reduce significantly power cost.

Sollant PET Bottle Blowing Compressor

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