What is the reason for the high current of the air compressor motor?

The compressor is directly driven by the electric motor, so that the crankshaft rotates, and the connecting rod is driven to make the piston reciprocate, causing the cylinder volume to change. Due to the change of the pressure in the cylinder, the air enters the cylinder through the air filter (muffler) through the intake valve. During the compression stroke, due to the reduction of the cylinder volume, the compressed air passes through the exhaust valve and passes through the exhaust pipe. The direction valve (check valve) enters the air storage tank, and when the exhaust pressure reaches the rated pressure of 0.7MPa, it is controlled by the pressure switch and automatically stops. When the pressure of the air storage tank drops to 0.5–0.6MPa, the pressure switch is automatically connected and started. The air compressor is the core equipment of the pneumatic system and the main body of the electromechanical bleed air source device. It is a device that converts the mechanical energy of the prime mover (usually an electric motor or a diesel engine) into gas pressure energy. The reasons for the high current of the air compressor motor of the air pressure generating device:

  1. Failure of overload protector
  2. The three-phase voltage is unstable, lack of phase, and the voltage is too low (less than 10%).
  3. The motor bearing is damaged.
  4. The motor temperature controller is faulty.
  5. The ambient temperature is too high.
  6. The starter contacts are in poor contact.
  7. The oil and gas separator is blocked.
  8. Poor motor insulation.
  9. The motor wiring is loose.
  10. The motor bearings are not oiled.
  11. The air inlet is blocked.
  12. Drive belt tension is too tight.