Water replenishment problem of water lubricated air compressor

The water supply of the water-lubricated air compressor is controlled by the system, and the water vapor cylinder will be replaced with pure water several times to replace the water in the head of the water-lubricated air compressor. The water replenishment is not performed at one time. Without affecting the work of the water-lubricated air compressor head, the lubricating water can be replaced many times to achieve the purpose of automatic water replenishment. Equipped with water-lubricated screw air compressor, the whole machine is made of stainless steel, and the head of the water-lubricated air compressor is independently assembled.

Advantages and characteristics of oil-free water-lubricated air compressors:

  1. Water is used as the compression sealing and cooling medium, and the use cost is low.
  2. Through advanced sealing and isolation technology, the compressed air is cleaner and can be pure and oil-free.
  3. High volumetric efficiency.
  4. Avoid frequent maintenance of the dry screw.
  5. Low noise, the axial and radial forces of the single screw are balanced, the star wheel rotates freely with the screw under water film lubrication, and the main engine parts run smoothly under low load, ensuring low noise and durability.
  6. Compared with traditional air compressors, it saves consumables such as lubricating oil, oil filter and oil-gas separation core, thereby reducing maintenance costs. (One year is regarded as 1/5 of the maintenance cost of traditional micro-oil air compressors)
  7. There is no oil consumption, so the use is more environmentally friendly.