Vibration of air compressor

The air compressor will vibrate during operation. What factors affect the vibration of the air compressor? Reduce the vibration of the air compressor?

The following is the impact of air compressor vibration:

1) Causes failures such as pulling cylinders and burning tiles;

2) Increase equipment power consumption and waste energy;

3) Make noise and affect the surrounding environment and operators;

4) Cause instrument failure and affect the stability of normal operation;

5) Accelerates the wear of the friction contact surface and greatly shortens the service life of the equipment.

Preventive measures to reduce the vibration of the air compressor:

1) Place a soft pad on the bottom of the air compressor.

2) The concentricity of the air compressor and the motor or diesel engine should be properly calibrated.

3) Pay attention to the fixing device of the equipment, if it is loose, it should be adjusted in time.

4) Check the static balance and dynamic balance of the moving parts, otherwise it will cause congenital vibration factors.

5) The foundation installation should be carried out in strict accordance with the design drawings. There is no rigid connection between the foundation and any structure of the building.

Auxiliary equipment and piping must have solid supports and clamps due to vibrations caused by airflow pulsations. Cantilever disordered frames should be reinforced with brackets and plugged with shims.