What are the benefits of oil-free air compressor test run

What are the benefits of oil-free air compressor test run


The oil-free air compressor is a volumetric gas compression machine whose working volume makes a rotary motion. The oil-free air compressor will be tested after overhaul or new assembly.


Newly assembled or overhauled oil-free air compressors must be tested before use. Because during the assembly or overhaul of the air compressor, all the moving surfaces that cooperate with each other (such as bearing bushes and shafts, crosshead slides and slideways) have been precisely scraped, but their surfaces are still rough and uneven.


Therefore, before formally putting into production and operation, a test run should be carried out first, so that these moving surfaces can be researched and cooperated with each other well. During the assembly or overhaul process of the air compressor, although the matching parts and connecting parts are assembled and adjusted according to the quality requirements, some subjective factors are always included in the inspection process. Therefore, some faults may be hidden in the air compressor, and these faults can be found through a test run and eliminated at any time.


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