How to cool down the air compressor?

How to cool down the air compressor?


The temperature in summer is relatively high, and we all have to blow the air conditioner to reduce our own temperature. So, what should the air compressor pay attention to? Let us understand how the air compressor manufacturer cools down the air compressor.


It is necessary to ensure that the shell of the machine is disassembled and cleaned without affecting production, and the bearing lubricating oil in it is properly replaced to ensure the quality and quality of the lubricating oil. The maintenance of air compressor equipment needs to use cooling water, so the quality and quantity of this product must be guaranteed. If the cooling water used is not good, it will cause dirt, and then the temperature will rise and the pressure will be abnormal. to the use of the device. For the internal parts such as the air filter element and the oil filter, keep changing and washing them frequently. Pay attention to the ventilation in the air compressor room, try to reduce the temperature of the air compressor room, and keep it below 35 degrees. The connecting wires and contactors of the electrical aspect need to be checked frequently to prevent them from overheating and causing short circuits.


Under normal operating conditions, the air is compressed into the air receiver tank. The detection of each point of the air compressor (including compressed air temperature, pressure, screw temperature, cooling water pressure, temperature and oil pressure, oil temperature, etc.) and overall control are controlled by the main control single board computer. When the outlet pressure of the air compressor reaches the upper limit of the set value, the air inlet is closed through the oil pressure branch valve, and the internal circulation pipeline is opened at the same time for self-circulation operation. At this time, the gas unit continues to use gas. When the pressure drops to the lower limit of the set value, the oil pressure shunt valve closes the circulation pipeline, opens the air inlet, and the air is compressed into the air storage tank by the filter. In the static state, the original starting mode (Y-△), and loading and unloading will cause impact on the power supply and distribution equipment of the grid and the screw. Especially serious waste of energy.


If the speed of the main motor drops, the shaft power will drop a lot. The energy saving potential is considerable. ) The energy-saving effect of frequency conversion is very significant, especially for systems and equipment with a large adjustment range. Through practical applications, it can be seen intuitively that as long as the flow rate changes, the shaft power will be changed to a greater extent as long as the speed is changed slightly. , Because of this feature, the frequency conversion speed regulation method has become a trend and has been widely used in various industries and various adjustment fields.


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