How to repair the failure of the screw air compressor?

The screw air compressor is a device that uses a motor to compress the gas in the compression chamber and make the compressed gas have a certain pressure. How to repair the air compressor failure?

  1. When starting, the pressure reaches the upper limit immediately. When the screw air compressor is started in the trial operation, the pressure gauge shows that the pressure reaches the upper limit immediately, which indicates that the compressed air produced by the compressor cannot be discharged. A closer inspection revealed that the pressure-retaining valve was stuck, possibly because the temperature was low and the pressure-retaining valve was frozen.
  2. Time relay damage failure After the screw air compressor pressure reaches the upper limit of 0.8 MPa, the full load indicator light is on, and the pressure value displayed by the pressure gauge begins to drop, but the compressor motor is still on, and the exhaust solenoid valve has been activated. When the air pressure drops to the lower limit of 0.5 MPa, gas is generated again.
  3. The air compressor over-temperature alarm stops The screw air compressor sends out an alarm and stops running when the temperature is too high. After trying to restart the air compressor, it only worked for a short time. The temperature rises instantaneously and exceeds 100 ℃, and an alarm is issued and stopped. The frequency of this failure is not very high, and it occurs 2-3 times a day.
  4. Exhaust temperature is too high The fault phenomenon is that during operation, it trips and stops by itself, and the exhaust high temperature indicator lights up. After inspection, the lubricating oil level meets the requirements and the lubricating oil is of good quality. Remove the temperature sensor resistor and measure the resistance, which deviates from the corresponding value of the ambient temperature.
  5. Air compressor rotates normally but no pressure There are usually two reasons for this failure: one is a leak in the pipe, and the other is a fault in the intake system. However, there are two possible reasons for the failure of the intake system, namely: the air filter element is seriously dirty and blocked; the intake valve is not opened; When there is a leak, the intake valve can only be closed.