Which compressor is best for textile industrial use?

Sollant air compressor for textile industry

1. What compressors are used in the textile industry?

Nowadays the air compressor is widely used in many applications, such as the automotive industry, the agricultural industry, the food and beverage industry, etc, especially in the manufacturing industry.

The air compressor also plays an important role in the textile industry.

Air compressors for the textile industry

How is compressed air used in the textile industry?

How the air compressor is used in the textile industry? To the outsider, compressed air may not seem like a major requirement in the textile industry. However, the air compression exists in almost every step of the textile industry:

Textile industry working process

It’s the power for the air-jet loom, the spinning machines, the ginning mills, or other equipment for processing polyester yarns and other fabrics.

It helps to add texture to fabrics, which increases the value of the finished textile product.

It’s also the power for other tools that keep other facilities clean.

For all the reasons above, the Textile Industry Air Compressor is essential for the industry. More and more textile manufacturers take the air compressor as one of the determining factors for production.


2. What compressors are used in the textile industry?

What is a reliable air compressor used in the textile industry? This depends on the availability and effectiveness that it can offer to the textile manufacturer and whether all these properties can meet the requirements in the industry as the followings:

 Textile industry air compressor inside

*To reduce the cost of the air compressor operation and maintenance.

*To promote productivity and satisfy the customers’ demands.

*To maintain a sustainable operation and reduce waste.

*To prevent contamination due to air/fluid mixture.

*To meet all these demands, Sollant offers our clients a Low-Pressure VSD screw air compressor.

Air compressor used in textile industry

Energy-saving air compressor

Different applications require different ranges of air pressure and of course, a low-pressure air compressor consumes less power than a machine designed for operation at a higher pressure. The working pressure of our Low-Pressure VSD Screw Air compressor is 2.1-3.0bar (single-stage), or 4.0-5.0bar (double stage), which consumes less energy.

Besides, Our Low-Pressure Air Compressor is a VSD type, which means that the frequency supplied to the drive motor of the compressor matches the real demand of the system. In the production environment, the air demand fluctuates, which means that not every manufacturing company operates at full capacity all the time, and their demand for compressed air fluctuates. Compared with the fixed speed screw air compressor for the textile industry, our VSD air compressor uses permanent magnet technology for a variable speed drive model that speeds up and slows or even completely stops to meet this fluctuating air demand. This PM technology is a high-end tendency for the compressors used in the textile industry and saves a lot of energy. It’s worth mentioning that energy consumption represents over 80% of a compressor’s life cycle costs.


3. Why choose Sollant’s Low-Pressure VSD screw air compressor?

How do choose screw air compressors for the textile industry from China manufacturers and suppliers? Sollant might be your ideal choice.

Sollant air compressor for textile industry

As we mentioned before, our Low-Pressure VSD Screw Air Compressor uses Permanent Magnet technology to control the air compression at variable speed ( VSD). This is a recent and advanced technology that is not owned by every compressor manufacturer. However, this technology makes our air compressor more energy-saving in comparison with other Fixed speed screw air compressors for the textile industry.

Besides, an effective textile industry air compressor should be oil-free: our Low-Pressure VSD Screw Air Compressor owns an oil circuit system of unique design that reduces any oil leakage problem.

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