The Use of Industrial Air Compressors in Agriculture

1. What is the air compressor used in agriculture and farming?

The air compressors for the agricultural industry play a key role in agriculture and farming: in fact, some applications of air compressors for the agricultural industry are well known for decades and some applications of the industrial air compressors in agriculture are more cutting-edge, offering a glimpse into the future of agriculture.

To sum up, the main applications of industrial air compressors in agriculture are the following:

Sollant Air Compressor for water pumps

To power water pumps-The most popular application of industrial air compressors in agriculture is to power water pumps distributing the water resource. Compared with electrical energy that powers the water pumps, the air compressor offers an alternative energy source; especially when there’s a power outage, the air compressor can run off a portable generator, making them a useful backup option in a pinch.

To spray the cropThe compressed air is required for spraying fertilizers and pesticides on the crops, which is essential for the planting of the crop.

To inflate tires on vehiclesIn the agricultural industry, a great variety of vehicles are essential to keep the farm business on track. Fortunately, industrial air compressors in agriculture can quickly boost the tire pressure of most farm vehicles, such as tractors, ATVs, etc.

To power the pneumatic toolsApart from the tries of the vehicle, there are other pneumatic tools that require industrial air compressors in agriculture: for example, the pneumatic staplers and nail guns can carry out DIY work on farms such as constructing wire mesh on the farm, etc. Compressed air can also power the conveyor systems for managing and processing the harvest.

For dairy farmingThe, compressed air is also required for the milking machine.

Besides, industrial air compressors in agriculture are also widely used in other applications on the farm, such as cleaning production areas, etc. In one word, air compressors for the agricultural industry play a key role in agricultural cultivation.


2. How to choose the right air compressor for agriculture and farming?

How to choose the best air compressor for the agricultural industry? There are many factors to consider and the fundamental principles are low energy consumption and long life service.

According to the applications mentioned above, air compressors need to operate continuously in a long period, which implies a large quantity of energy consumption. Thus the reduction of energy costs is essential. Besides, as the air compressors for the agricultural industry usually operate in difficult environmental conditions, the resistance to wear of the machines is another key factor in the selection of air compressors.


3. What are the benefits of Sollantcompressors for the agricultural industry?

Hereby we recommend the Sollant Variable Speed Screw Compressor as it features the following advantages:

Energy savingThe Sollant VSD air compressor is equipped with the most advanced design of the variable speed drive technology. This is a variable-frequency drive that converts the incoming AC power to DC and then back to a quasi-sinusoidal AC power using an inverter switching circuit. Compared to a fixed-speed equivalent, the variable-speed compressor saves a significant amount of energy.

Pressures of compressed air in wide range-To choose the right air compressor for the agricultural industry, it’s necessary to know the pressure requirement of the compressed air. Thanks to the wide working frequency range, the Sollant Variable Speed Air Compressor produces the compressed air in the wide and versatile range that allows for meeting the most diverse compressed air requests;

Long service lifeThe Sollant VSD compressor is characterized by a compact and durable design, which gives the air compressor long service life. In particular, it’s worth mentioning the high-efficiency permanent motor that requires no more gearboxes ensuring an energy transmission of high efficiency. This guarantees a long service life.

Reduced maintenance costsThe Sollant variable speed air compressor is equipped with two rotating screws through the coupling directly connected. This simple design minimizes the interventions for component replacement.

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