What are the applications of portable diesel air compressor

1. What are the applications of a diesel portable air compressor?

Nowadays, industrial portable air compressors have become more and more popular and widely used in many industrial sectors.

The industrial portable air compressor is equipped with wheels and running gear for towing, which are made for easy transportation on the road. This mobility makes the industrial portable air compressor an ideal choice for jobs at various locations.


Industrial portable air compressors are widely used in many applications, such as urban constructions, industrial manufacturing, etc. More specifically, the applications are the following:

Portable air compressors for quarry and mines

The diesel engine portable screw air compressor is widely used for quarries and mines: it offers a constant energy source to power tools like drills, hammers or other tools that are essential in the quarries and mines. Usually there isn’t an existing facility with air compressors installed on the Jobsite, there’s a need to bring in the diesel engine portable screw air compressor used for the quarry.

Besides, in the quarry o mine there are other equipment requiring compressed air, such as material conveyors and ventilation systems, etc. The air compressor for the quarry is an ideal choice for the worker to have a machine that can go everywhere the air compression is required.


Portable air compressors for water conservancy

The industrial portable air compressor plays a key role in the water treatment: it can be used to power central vacuum systems that remove the salt and other waste materials from the water. This industrial portable air compressor is essential for the water conservancy.


Portable air compressors for shipbuilding

The industrial portable air compressor contribute a lot in the shipbuilding and ship maintenance: the compressed air is widely used to power the pneumatic tools for the shipbuilding, such as spike transmission to pave the keel, grooving on the sheet metal sheet before welding, cutting the flakes at the welding points, etc. Besides, the industrial portable air compressor is also needed to power the grinders for surface finish.


Portable air compressor for urban construction

As we mentioned before, the compressed air is an important energy source to power various construction tools: compared to electric-powered tools, the air-powered tools are lighter, easier to use and maintain. Besides, when there’s a power outage or electrical emergency, the industrial portable air compressors can be used for the backup power production.


2.Why choose Sollant industrial portable air compressors?

The industrial portable air compressors are more and more popular due to their high mobility and high adaptability in different locations. Besides, there are other advantages which are the following:

Long runtimes—The industrial portable air compressors are lightweight and compact, which makes them capable of full-day operation.

Multiple engine options—There can be multiple engine options for the industrial portable air compressor. As a leading air compressor manufacturer, Sollant offers Two-Stage Diesel Screw Type Portable Air Compressor with varying operating speeds, horsepoweres, etc.

Easy maintenance—Most industrial portable air compressors offer a user-friendly control panel and easy access to any parts, which makes the portable air compressor easy to maintain.

Among so many leading air compressor manufacturers, why choose Sollant?

Diesel engine with strong powerOut Two-Stage Diesel Screw Type Portable Air Compressor is equipped with the engine system of high efficiency: the main engine and the diesel engine are directly connected through a high elastic coupling and there’s no increasing gear in the middle. This design makes the speed of the main engine equal that of the diesel engine, which makes the air compressor more efficient and reliable.

Unique screw air design—With a patented screw design and the Sky bearing, the Sollant’s industrial portable air compressor renders high efficiency and better energy saving effect.

Multiple air filtration system—Our Diesel Engine Portable Screw Air Compressor Used For Quarry is equipped with air filtration system of high precision, which filters out the remaining dust in the air preventing the machine from breakdown. This air filtration system also enables a easier maintenance without stopping.

High weather resistanceSollant’s filtration system is equipped with separated cooling systems for air, oil and water. Besides, the large diameter fans are designed to adapt to severe cold and hot climates. All this make Sollant’s Diesel Engine Portable Screw Air Compressor highly adaptable to the harsh weather conditions.


In summary, Sollant is a professional manufacturer of standard & custom diesel & portable compressors. We offer diesel engine portable screw air compressor used for quarry, mine and other industrial applications.