What is the high-pressure air compressor used for?

1. What is a high-pressure air compressor?

Generally speaking, a high-pressure air compressor provides compressed air above 150 PSI, which is the starting point of high pressure. Besides, the high pressure breathing air compressor provides breathing air meeting the breathing gas purity standards.

Due to these characteristics of the production, the features of the high-pressure breathing air compressor are the following:

Multi-stage piston compressor-It’s also known as a reciprocating compressor or positive-displacement compressor that uses pistons driven by a crankshaft to deliver gases at high pressure. The high-pressure air compressors are usually three- or four-stage air compressors equipped with three or four-piston cylinders delivering the compressed air between 200 and 300 bar.

Inter-stage cooling and condensation system To improve the efficiency of the compression, there must be an inter-stage cooler and condensation system to cool down the previously compressed air and remove the condensed water vapor.

The integrated filtration systemAs we mentioned before, it must be guaranteed that the compressed air meets the breathing air standard. This makes the complete filtration system necessary to remove the particulates and other contaminants from the air.

Oil-free or Non-toxic oil lubricationTo ensure the safety and purity of the compressed air, this high-pressure air compressor must be lubricated with no oil or oil-free of toxic additives.


2. What is a high-pressure air compressor used for?

Though the most popular application of the high-pressure breathing air compressor is scuba diving,

actually, there’s a wide range of applications of the high-pressure air compressor, including both civil use and industrial use.

More specifically the high-pressure air compressor is used for the following:

Scuba diving- The high-pressure breathing air compressor is most widely used for scuba diving or surface-supplied diving. For this reason, it’s also known as scuba air compressor or diving air compressor. This diving air compressor is usually set up with large storage cylinders and a filling panel for portable cylinders. The compressed air from the gas panel is supplied to the diver through the diver’s umbilical.

Paintball sportsThis scuba air compressor can also be used as a paintball compressor. However, unlike the breathing air used for diving, there aren’t many requirements for the air used in paintball.

Petrochemical industryIn the petrochemical industry, handling chemicals, and petrochemicals require a clean, safe working environment. As an essential factor in this industry, compressed air must be of high purity to ensure the safety and efficiency of the work. For this reason, a high-pressure breathing air compressor is required.

Aerospace application In the aerospace sector, the high-pressure air compressor is widely used in various operations ranging from fuel injection to metal finishing. Besides, it’s also required for quality control during aircraft component manufacturing.

However, common air compressors might mix air with lubricants or other particulates, which is a significant contamination risk for the industry. The high pressure breathing air compressor may offer pure compressed air ensuring safety and efficiency.

Air tightness testThe high-pressure air compressor can also be used for the air leakage test of pipelines, valves, etc. This pneumatic test needs clean and oil-free compressed air produced by the high-pressure air compressor.


3. How to choose the high-pressure air compressor for your industry?

To choose a right high-pressure air compressor for your industry, you must take into consideration the following:

Make sure that the high-pressure air compressor meets the pressure requirement of your industry.

The high-pressure air compressor can provide breathing air with high quality and purity, which is the key to the safety and efficiency of your industry.

The operational continuity of the high-pressure air compressor is essential, especially in diving operations or petrochemical industries.

Among so many air compressor suppliers, why choose Sollant? Because Sollant High-Pressure Air Compressor has the following advantages:

Breathing air of high standard Sollant High-Pressure Air Compressor provides breathing air to meet the European Breathing Air Standard EN12021, which is essential in many operations such as scuba diving, etc.

Integrated filtration systemIn many operations, any contaminant in the compressed air might cause great damage: for example, the water in the air might corrode the diving cylinder or even freeze the diving regulators. For this reason, an integrated filtration system is crucial in the high-pressure air compressor. Sollant High-Pressure Air Compressor is equipped with a complete and integrated filtration system in every compression stage.

Oil lubrication free of toxic additiveSollant High-Pressure Oil Compressor is lubricated with cooking oil, which makes it 100% safe for breathing.

Operational continuitySollant High-Pressure Oil Compressor is designed with a compact structure and durable components, which ensures high performance and operational continuity.