Sri Lanka Air Compressors Market Guide and Review

Air compressors are crucial tools that you should have at the home, office, or factory. These machines are currently used to perform almost all sorts of tasks, ranging from powering pneumatic tools to inflating various inflatables. As with all popular power tools, air compressors come in a wide range of sizes and types.

It is, therefore, challenging to choose the right one for your projects. This article focuses on various aspects of air compressors in Sri Lanka, from the market share to how you can get the best air compressor, manufacturers. The report also covers some of the things you should know about air compressors in Sri Lanka, which serves as a small air compressor buying guide.

First, we look at the air compressor market share and analysis in Sri Lanka and then help you determine how to get the best air compressor when you are out to buy one.

Sri Lanka Air Compressors Market

Sri Lanka air compressor market share

The Sri Lanka air compressor market is anticipated to grow steadily in the coming years to account for the increasing demand for compressed air in various industrial sectors. Additionally, the continued growth of small and medium industries and the automotive industry in Sri Lanka are among the most significant contributors to air compressor market growth in Sri Lanka. This is since air compressors are necessary tools in these industries, and they are used to do almost every task.

In the automotive industry, air compressors are used to spray paint and inflate tires. Additionally, air compressors are essential in the manufacturing processes to power equipment, construct engines, inflate inflatables, paint vehicles, and make air conditioning systems.

Sri Lanka has focused its efforts to facilitate the growth of end-user industries like manufacturing, healthcare, home appliances, and oil and gas, which will drive the demand for compressed air even further.

Additionally, the government supports the growth of various development activities in the manufacturing, food processing, health care, and energy sectors to maintain the country’s position as one of the fast-growing economies. The investments made in these industries have significantly contributed to the growth of the air compressor market in Sri Lanka.

The Sri Lanka air compressor market can be divided into domestic and industrial air compressors. Air compressors for domestic use are commonly found in households to inflate tires, balls, and other inflatables, vacuum cleaning, and other home applications. On the other hand, industrial air compressors are used for more sophisticated and demanding applications in factories. In this respect, the market has the rotary screw and piston air compressors to meet various demands for compressed air in Sri Lanka.

Air compressors in Sri Lanka can be segmented further according to the type of technology, lubrication type, and power. The bottom line is that the Sri Lanka air compressor market is one of the most diverse in the world, with the country experiencing a period of industrial growth. It is expected that Sri Lanka will have one of the most demanding air compressor markets in the next five years.

Industrial Air Compressors in Singapore

What do you need to know about Air Compressors?

Most air compressors can be thought to work in the same way. However, many disparities cannot be noticed unless under the lens pf an expert engineer. For instance, every global air compressor brand tends to integrate unique features and specifications to make their models outstanding and distinctive in the competitive market. This article is updated to give a consistent flow of information about the air compressor industry in Sr Lanka in 2020 and beyond.

This article is meant to help you identify key aspects to look out for when buying an air compressor in Sri Lanka. Accordingly, the post intends to offer basic knowledge of how air compressors work and how you can choose the right brand and model for your applications.

Stationary vs. portable air compressor

The type of air compressor you need depends on how you intend to use it. To be more precise, you have to know and fully understand your compressed air needs before you can settle on any air compressor brand. So, let us break this down for you.

  • Are you looking for an air compressor you can use at home where you will need to navigate various locations?
  • Do your job applications require you to move from one place to the other?
  • Do you want an air compressor that you can quickly move around to when not in use?

If your answers to the questions above are yes, you should buy a portable air compressor. Portable air compressors are handy tools that you can use on the road. They offer great convenience when handling tasks distributed in different geographical locations. Portable air compressors come in a variety of 12v electric powered and battery-powered models.

Additionally, some portable air compressor comes with digital gauges that show pressure levels, allowing you to set your desired PSI when using the air compressor.

On the other hand, you can know you need a stationary air compressor under the following conditions:

  • You need an air compressor for large industrial applications that require firm installation;
  • You need an air compressor for applications that do not require you to move between job sites;
  • You want an air compressor installed in your factory.

All the applications above point towards one thing; there is no movement of the air compressor at all. Most industrial air compressors are stationary. These air compressors are used to power various pneumatic tools in factories and manufacturing facilities.

You need to consider many factors when choosing between a stationary air compressor and a portable air compressor.

Sri Lanka Air Compressors Market

How to choose the best air compressor in Sri Lanka

You need to consider various factors when it comes to choosing the best air compressor that will serve your needs to the fullest. This mostly because air compressors are always available in a broader range of sizes, types, models, and brands.

Industrial and commercial air compressors are manufactures with different specifications and features. Accordingly, they vary in terms of power, airflow, and pressure they produce. You need to know how to choose an air compressor that meets your requirements and get you the result you desire without spending too much money on what you do not need.

If you buy an air compressor that does not have enough power, for instance, you will not be able to complete your projects efficiently. To make matters worse, the air compressor can even damage your air tools and pose safety hazards to whoever is handling it.

On the other hand, if you purchase an air compressor with more power, you end up spending more than what is necessary, and the additional costs may not reflect well on your business account.

Due to many possibilities in the market, you need to evaluate your requirements carefully and consider all available options to ensure that you do not end up with an air compressor that will get you what you need. This section serves as an air compressor buying guide that you can use when purchasing air compressors in Sri Lanka. Look at every factor carefully to understand how you use them to determine the best air compressor for you.

  • Air compressor pressure and airflow

Air compressor airflow is often measured in cubic feet per meter (CFM). Other manufacturers use liters per second. Look at the airflow as the air compressor’s ability to perform various tasks within an acceptable period.

On the other hand, the pressure in an air compressor is measured in pounds per square inch (PSI). This measure can be described as the air compressor’s ability to support all the tasks it does at the same time.

You need to go back to your air tools to find out the required pressure and airflow before you can settle for an air compressor.

  • The right size for your air compressor

Buying an air compressor that is too small may mean that you cannot complete your tasks efficiently because the machine will not offer you the pressure and airflow you need for your air tools to operate. Similarly, buying an air compressor that is too big may not be wise because you will spend more money than necessary. Large air compressors are also hard to maintain and operate.

Finding the right size of the air compressor requires that you evaluate your needs carefully before buying. Whether it is an upgrade to what you already have or a completely new system you are setting up, you need to get the facts right. You can consider asking for expert help from various air compressor service companies or contact a professional consultant.
Air compressors should always be sized to offer the actual amount of compressed air required. Whether you plan to expand or downscale your operations in the future, stick to the right size until that time comes.

  • Choosing the right air compressor technology

Many air compressor manufacturers in Sri Lanka design their products in two types: piston or rotary screw. Rotary air compressors in Sri Lanka are the most used because of their efficiency in offering continuous compressed air flow for industrial applications.

Reciprocating air compressor in Sri Lanka

Reciprocating air compressors in Sri Lanka are mainly used in domestic applications or small workshops and garages. These units are more affordable and more comfortable to operate and maintain. However, piston/reciprocating air compressors have certain drawbacks that you might want to look at before spending your money on them;

  • Piston air compressors are mostly loud;
  • They require frequent cooling to prevent the compressor system from overheating;
  • Reciprocating air compressor only run up to 60% of their duty cycle and cannot offer a continuous flow of compressed air;
  • They need proper treatment so that the oil produced in the compressor system does not damage air tools.
Sri Lanka Air Compressors Market

Rotary screw air compressors in Sri Lanka

Rotary screw air compressors are more complex machines compared to piston air compressors. Rotary screw air compressors are designed for applications requiring a constant and continuous supply of compressed air, which is why they are most preferred in industrial applications.

Rotary screw air compressors in Sri Lanka are mostly used in manufacturing factories and other small and medium-sized industries. These air compressors are often integrated with air dryers to provide clean, dry compressed air.

Rotary screw air compressors come in a various range of sizes, measured in horsepower. Some rotary screw air compressors have air tanks to offer additional capacity to be used when the need arises. An integrated system in a rotary screw air compressor combines the air compressors, air dryer, and air tank in a single unit.

Variable speed drive

If you are using the air compressor to power different air tools, the required pressure and capacity may likely fluctuate at times. A variable speed drive (VSD) air compressor can regulate the amount of compressed air pressure it offers by speeding up or slowing down the pressure and airflow to match your pneumatic tools’ demands.

A VSD air compressor is appropriate for industrial applications because it helps saves energy by up to 50%. This is one of the ways that you can use to reduce operational costs in your business. VSD air compressors in Sri Lanka are increasingly becoming a norm, with many users going for energy-efficiency to reduce their operating costs.

The bottom line

Air compressors come in a wide range of sizes, designs, and specifications. Choosing the right one for you requires that you have the correct information about what you want and where you can get it. If you are in Sri Lanka and looking to buy an air compressor, you can choose to find a local air compressor supplier in Sri Lanka.

Accordingly, you can opt to import China-made air compressors from Sollant. At Sollant, we pride ourselves in manufacturing and distributing high quality and high-performance rotary screw air compressors you can use in every industrial application.

Sollant air compressors are designed and manufactured using Germany technology and Chinese accessories to offer reliable, energy-efficient, and high-quality air compressors.