Air compressor manufacturers review in the UAE

Are you looking for Air Compressors in Dubai UAE? If yes, do you know where to get the right one for your needs? Buying the right air compressor that suits your desired application may not be as easy as you think.

You need to understand the basics of air compressors and know what you want in the first place. If you are in UAE, you need to know air compressor manufacturers within your locality or suppliers from other countries that you can partner with to get the best air compressors for your needs.

Air compressors are used in almost every sector of the economy, be it at home, office, or factory. Accordingly, there are many air compressor manufacturers and brands in the UAE that offer a great range of air compressors. A large number of suppliers of air compressors in the UAE can make it a bit overwhelming for first-timers to buy the right air compressor in terms of size, model, and pressure.

If you find yourself in a position that you cannot choose the right air compressor due to the availability of many brands in the market, do not worry. This guide will help point you in the right direction. Let us take a quick into what you can do;

Air compressor manufacturers in UAEAir compressor manufacturers in UAEAir compressor manufacturers in UAE

Are you in a hurry?

The first place you can turn to is in business diaries. If you are looking for air compressors in the UAE, try checking the available local diaries to see if you can find something valuable.

Accordingly, you can hire an expert consultant to help you determine your compressed air needs and identify the right air compressor for those needs. But if you have some time, go through this article, and you will learn how to choose the best air compressors, the factors to look out for, and how you can get the best air compressor manufacturers in the UAE.

First things first, you need to understand that air compressors manufactured by companies based in Dubai, UAE are reliable and highly efficient to match your demand for compressed air. However, you can also look for other options abroad and import the best air compressors from China.

Air compressors in the UAE offer plenty of benefits to help you save time and energy when handling your tasks. But before you buy an air compressor, you need to know what aspects you should consider, especially features that suit your needs. Without the know-how about the product or the understanding of the basics of air compressors, you may end up buying an air compressor that does not work to your expectations.

You might end up spending too much on an air compressor that damages your air tools. That is why we have prepared this article to help you know what to look out for when buying an air compressor in the UAE. But first, let us look into the UAE air compressor market analysis to know what to expect and how things are.

UAE air compressor market analysis

The UAE industrial air compressor market is expected to grow in the coming years with the increased demand for compressed air in various industries.

Key players in the global air compressor industry are trying to penetrate all emerging and growing markets by adopting strategies, such as contract agreements, acquisitions, new product launches, and expansions.

Leading air compressor brands are also looking to expand their reach by having subsidiaries in most countries around the world. These developments have seen major growth in the air compressor industry in the UAE and other parts of the world.

Additionally, Dubai is slowly becoming an industry leader when it comes to manufacturing, business, health care, and agribusiness. The expansion of liquefaction and regasification facilities in Dubai has increased the demand for compressed air. The UAE is also focused on energy efficiency, which has seen a rapid growth of industries in the energy sector. These are some of the driving factors for industrial air compressors in the UAE.

Positive displacement air compressors, mostly rotary screw air compressors, are expected to form the largest market share by product type in the industrial air compressor market in the UAE. The increasing demand for high output pressure air compressors is said to be the driving force behind this growth.

UAE air compressor market analysis by compressor technology

When it comes to air compressor technology, the UAE air compressor market is expected to register significant growth in reciprocating and rotary screw air compressors. These are two types of air compressors that are available in the positive displacement compressors category.

Rotary screw air compressors are easy to use and have low maintenance cost as opposed to reciprocating air compressors. However, rotary screw air compressors are available in low and medium output pressure range.

The rotary screw air compressor market in Dubai, UAE, is expected to register significant growth more than any other air compressor technology in the UAE. This forecast is due to an increase in applications and the efficiency of these tools.

The oil and gas industry in the UAE is said to be the largest contributor to the rise in demand for industrial air compressors in the region and the air compressor market at large.

Though there has been a fall in upstream investment due to the effect of the coronavirus, large investments are planned in various industries to boost economic resurgence.

Moreover, UAE is expanding its investment initiatives to enhance development in industries, which is likely to oversee a rise in the production of air compressors to match the demand for compressed air in factories and other sectors.

Additionally, there are plans to expand cross-border pipeline networks for oil and gas transportation, which is also thought to be a driving factor in the air compressor market. The rapid industrialization in the region mostly drives the industrial air compressor market in the UAE.

Furthermore, the demand for advanced and efficient air compressors has increased the demand for air compressors in various industries in the UAE, especially in manufacturing.

The air compressor market analysis in UAE provides an in-depth report of the competitive landscape and profiles of the big players in the industrial air compressor market, such as Atlas Copco AB, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd, Ingersoll-Rand plc., Hitachi Ltd, and MAN SE. These are all global air compressor brands with significant market presence in the UAE air compressor market.

The UAE is expected to witness significant growth in power generation, manufacturing, and health care industries in the coming years. Coupled with new policies and technologies, these factors will improve the manufacture and distribution of industrial air compressors in the UAE.

How to choose the best air compressor manufacturer in the UAE

Like we said before, the UAE air compressor market is more concentrated with both local and foreign air compressor manufacturers than you can ever imagine. This situation can sometimes make it hard for you to select one manufacturer for your compressed air solutions. If that is the case, then you are probably in the right place because we have compiled some of the best information to help you make the selection.

Here is a quick guide on things that you should consider when looking for an air compressor manufacturer in the UAE:

  • Analyze what you want

Before going for an air compressor, you need, you must know what you want in the air compressor. Analyze the requirements of your applications at home, office, job site, or anywhere you want to install the air compressor.

Do you want the air compressor to power your pneumatic tools and machinery? Are you searching for an air compressor to inflate a tire? These are some of the questions that you should try to answer to get a clear understanding of what you need the air compressor to do for you. Portable air compressors are handy when it comes to applications that require you to move from one location to the other. On the other hand, an air compressor with a tank is appropriate if you are looking to use it for high airflow applications.

  • What compressor type do you need?

There are two types of air compressors that you can choose from viz. rotary screw air compressor and reciprocating air compressor. Of these two types, rotary screw air compressors are the most used in Dubai, UAE. They come with a cylinder and piston moving up and down a one-way valve system.

Additionally, the rotary screw air compressor offers a continuous flow of compressed air, which makes it suitable for small and medium industrial applications, such as powering jackhammers or impact wrenches. Rotary screw air compressors can be divided into piston air compressors and single-stage air compressors. Piston air compressors compress air faster compared to a single-stage air compressor.

On the other hand, a single-stage air compressor is suitable for powering most air tools such as nail guns, glue guns, spray guns, among others. In that case, you will look at the requirement you identified in the first step to decide on which air compressor is best suited for the application.

  • Determine the power you want

Most people tend to think about the power of an air compressor in terms of horsepower, which is not entirely correct. However, it is still something that you should look at. Air compressors have horsepower starting from 1 HP going forward. The larger the horsepower, the larger the capacity of the air compressor to offer much higher PSI required for industrial applications.

The best way to get to know more about horsepower is by reading articles and blogs online. Look at the flow rate instead of the horsepower to determine the true power of an air compressor. Alternatively, you can approach an expert to help you determine the horsepower requirement for your air compressor.

  • Determine the CFM requirement

The measure of airflow in the air compressor is very appropriate. The CFM rating in the air compressor varies depending on the psi rating.

This shows that two air compressors with the same psi rating may not necessarily have the same CFM values. The best way to evaluate the CFM rating is by asking for the standard CFM, also called the SCFM.

After determining the SCFM of all your air tools, add them up, and add 30% on top to give it a safety buffer. The maximum CFM you attain after this addition is what you need to get your jobs done, and that is what you should look for in an air compressor.

  • Look for space and portability.

The size of the air compressor is something of great concern, especially because you need space to store it after use. In that case, you need to determine if your air compressor is something you can move around efficiently and whether it can fit into your space. The air compressor should be portable enough to allow you to move it to one corner of your garage for storage.

When it comes to stationary units, ensure that it is installed somewhere you can use it for all your applications without straining. You may opt for a longer hose and high capacity for convenience with stationary air compressors.

Where can you find air compressor manufacturers and suppliers in UAE?

Finding the best air compressor manufacture in the UAE should not be a nail-biting task. Given you know what you want, you should e able to identify one or two air compressor manufacturers that offer the exact model you are looking for.

It is always advisable to compare more than two air compressor manufacturers to know the most suited one to deal with. In that case, let us look at some of the places you can get the best air compressor manufacturers in Dubai.

  • Trade fairs and showrooms;
  • Manufacturers’ expo;
  • Google search;
  • Local directories;
  • Local libraries;
  • Referrals;

All the listed sources should give you at least some information about local air compressor manufacturers in the UAE. However, you might want to check some foreign air compressor manufacturers in the UAE.

In that case, feel free to check out Sollant air compressors. We are a renowned rotary screw air compressor manufacturer based in China. Our ranges of air compressors are designed using Germany technology and Chinese accessories to give you the most reliable, high-quality air compressors.