Choose a local compressor manufacturer or import from other countries.

Air compressors are one of the most important assets in many businesses. They can power a wide range of air tools and are, in most cases, portable and convenient. About 70% of manufacturing facilities and companies use some form of compressed air globally. However, choosing between the many competing air compressor models can sometimes become overwhelming. The importation of air compressors from other countries becomes even more complicated for first-timers.

So, what are the criteria for making an informed choice when selecting air compressors? Should you buy locally, or import air compressors from abroad?

With different options available in the market, the proper selection criteria would be comparing features and following some set guidelines to identify the best deal for your business. There are as many different air compressor models as there are types of applications for each. Making a mistake in the selection process is, therefore, a huge possibility, and it can have adverse effects on your projects.

When it comes to choosing between buying locally made air compressors and importing from other manufacturers, you need to consider various factors. Below are some:

The cost of buying local vs importing

With quality and other features at par, you need to evaluate the best deal that will not cost you a fortune. For instance, if local manufacturers guarantee the same quality at a more affordable price, it would be nice to shop locally. In most cases, the process of importing machines from foreign manufacturers can be a bit complicated. You need to finish some paperwork and have the products inspected to ensure that you are getting what you want. Additionally, you will have to follow some set guidelines and pay extra importation duties before you can have your hands on your air compressors.

On the other hand, imported air compressors always come with superior quality that may lack in locally manufactured air compressors. Additionally, foreign companies often produce their machines in bulk, allowing them to sell at reduced prices. Other trade discounts may also make importing air compressors from other countries a better option.

The volume of air compressors you want

Another factor to consider is the number of air compressors you want. If you want to buy a single unit, then buying locally would fit your bills. On the other hand, if you want to order many air compressors, you may have to import from other countries that have mass production capabilities. You must ensure that your orders are fulfilled at the right time, and the production capability of local manufacturers may not suit your business. In that case, you may opt for foreign manufacturers like air compressor manufacturers from China.

Compressor type and technology

When it comes to air compressor model design and technology used to make them, you need manufacturers that apply the most advanced technology. In most cases, local air compressor manufacturers lack some aspects in their manufacturing process and may come short in terms of technological advancement. On the other hand, foreign air compressor manufacturers are, in most cases, large companies that input the latest technology in their productions processes to enhance efficiency and convenience.

Screw air compressor manufacturers in Spain and screw air compressor manufacturers in China

If you are looking to import air compressors from other countries, China is one of the best go-to destinations. China-made air compressors are often convenient and are designed to offer exact solutions you are looking for in an air compressor.

Accordingly, air compressor manufacturers in Spain also offer quality air compressors and air compressor parts. Below are lists of screw air compressor manufacturers in Spain and screw air compressor manufacturers in China. You can use the list to identify the best manufacturer for you.

Screw air compressor manufacturers in Spain

  • Transglory S.A.
  • Huayi Compressor Barcelona Sl
  • Globelink Uniexco S.L.
  • Arizaga Bastarrica Y Cia SA
  • Agc Newtral Bcn
  • Betico Compressors Sau
  • Knorr Bremse Espana SA
  • Pedro Gil Construcciones Mecanicas
  • Aleaciones De Metales Sinterizados S.A.
  • LA Padana Iberica Air Compressors, S.L
  • Mercury DOS S.L.
  • ABAC Iberica Aire Comprimido SA.

Screw air compressor manufacturers in China

  • Shandong Sollant machinery manufacturing Co., Ltd
  • Zhejiang Jiebao Machinery Co., Ltd
  • Aeo Machine Equipment
  • Canaan Import & Export Co., Limited
  • Jinan ZS-times Technology Co., Ltd
  • Guangzhou PU Fei Xun Mechanical and Electrical Equipment CO., LTD
  • Ningbo TBC Mechanical & Electrical Manufacturing Co., Ltd
  • Shanghai Xinran Compressor Company
  • Foshan Shunde Fensen Industrial Co. Ltd
  • Qingdao TECO Precision Mechatronics Co., Ltd
  • Taizhou Xinlai Air Compressor Factory
  • Crownwell (China) Compressor Co., Ltd.

How to find the best air compressors in Spain

Before purchasing any air compressor, there are always some factors to consider. The criteria help you identify the right manufacturer and products in the market.  When it comes to the best air compressors, you need a reputable air compressor manufacturer.

Selecting the best manufacturer for your air compressor needs is essential. It ensures that you are in a position to deliver products and services in time and compliance with quality and safety standards.

By implementing specific supplier selection criteria, it is possible to identify companies that will work with you to meet the demands of your customers.

Here are some of the tips for finding the right air compressor manufacturers in Spain:

  • Do some background research.

You need a list of all available air compressor manufacturers in Spain and identify some crucial information that set other ahead of the rest. For instance, you can look at each review from other clients and professional to see if a particular air compressor manufacturer is perfect for you. You can check the relationship of the manufacturer with their clients by going through their websites to see if they respond to client queries.

  • Know what you want

Yes, you need air compressors. But do you know the exact model and specifications that you are looking for? To get you started, here are some of the questions you need to ask yourself and answer accordingly.

  • How much pressure do I need?
  • How much airflow do I need?
  • What is the air quality required?
  • What is the initial purchase price that I can afford?
  • What other special requirements do I want?

If you can answer these questions diligently, then you know the type of air compressor you want. At this stage, you readily identify air compressor manufacturer that offers what you want.

  • Monitor the manufacturing processes

We have said this time, and again, even the most reliable manufacturer can trip. You need to ensure that their manufacturing processes guarantee the quality and quantity you desire. You can do this by establishing direct contact with the manufacturer or having a consultant company do it on your behalf. Accordingly, you can ask the manufacturer to send some samples for your approval before they commence mass production.

At this point, we are certain that you know what you want, and the next step would be finding the best air compressor manufacturer in Spain.

As always, the internet should your first go-to place when looking for air compressor manufacturers. Additionally, here are some places you can prioritize:

  • Google
  • Directories
  • Local library
  • Referrals


Google search tool will give you the most credible results in your search for air compressor manufacturer. You only need to type your search keywords and access thousands of results in seconds. However, you must be very careful with the manufacturers you find through the internet. Ensure that you visit the manufacturing facility in person or have a representative approve it for you before paying for your machines.


Free online directories also offer verifiable sources of information, and you get some of the best air compressor manufacturers within your location using these directories. Below are some of the most popular directories:

  • ThomasNet
  • Maker’Row
  • Mfg
  • Kompass
  • Orbelo
  • Alibaba
  • AliExpress
  • IndiaMart
  • Sorcify

Local library

Local libraries offer access to valuable information. You can also use your local library to access online directories in your search for air compressor manufacturers in Spain.


Referrals can offer the best leads, especially if they come from trusted people within your cycle of friends and relatives. Ask friends to recommend some of the air compressor manufacturers they know and start from there.

Trade shows

Trade shows and exhibitions often organize events where various players from select industries display their products. You can use this chance to identify one manufacturer that you can work with.

FAQs about air compressors

The following are some of the most asked questions and answers about air compressors

  • How Does an Air Compressor Work?

Air compressors work by using electric power to create pressure in the air that can be compressed and converted into usable power for use in various home and industrial applications. The uses depend on specific needs and the type of air compressor you have. Air compressors perform this task by compressing the air within a chamber using a piston, rotary vane, screw, or scroll elements. The air is then released into downstream receivers and the distribution piping system for use.

  • What Does an Air Compressor Do?

Air compressors generate compressed air that is used in various home and industrial applications. The uses of compressed air include filling gas cylinders, providing pressurized clean air used to operate pneumatic systems and tools, and filling tires. Industrial applications include uses in automotive, medical, food and beverage, petroleum and gas, and energy industries, among others.

  • How Long Should I Take to Change the Oil in My Air Compressor?

If you have an oil-lubricated air compressor such as a reciprocating, rotary screw, or rotary vane, you will need to have your compressor oil changed after some time for efficiency. There is no exact guideline since it all depends on how frequent you use your air compressor. Rotary screw air compressors should work for 4000 to 8000 hours before changing oil. However, it all comes down to the workload and the model you have. You can refer to your owner’s manual for instructions about changing compressor oil or consult an expert who will check the oil for you and advice you accordingly.

  • Do I Need an Air Dryer in My Air Compressor?

Having an air dryer for your air compressor is a great addition that improves the performance of the machine. The air dryer could potentially remove gallons of water from the compressor system and help it generate clean, dry compressed air that is essential in some industrial applications.

  • How Can I Regulate Contaminants in My Compressed Air System?

The best way to control dust and dirt particles in your compressor system is by having quality air filtration system. Air compressor filters come in a wide range, and you need to buy one that matches your air compressor’s performance.

  • How Often Should I Replace My Air Intake Filter?

Air compressor that has intake air filters need frequent cleaning, depending on how often you use the compressor. If the filter accumulates more dust that I can no longer be cleaned, then you need to replace it right away. You can also consult an expert or your owner’s manual to determine the right duration you should take before replacing the air compressor filter.

  • What Is the Right Voltage for My Air Compressor?

For smaller, consumer-grade air compressors, 110 volts is sufficient. Larger, commercial air compressors may require as much as 460 volts and above, depending on the model.

  • How Can I Drain the Water from My Tank?

Draining water from your receiver tank can be manual or automatic. In automatic setting, you need drain valves to remove the accumulated water from your compressor receiver tank.

  • Do I Need a Rotary Screw Air Compressor or a Reciprocating Air Compressor?

In most cases, a reciprocating air compressor is always sufficient. However, if your applications need a continuous flow of compressed air, then you should opt for a rotary screw air compressor.


Finding the best manufacturer of air compressors can be overwhelming. And deciding whether to buy local or import can be more complicated. However, this review will help you identify various aspects that make the job easier for you.

At Sollant, we value our clients and offer the best deals for all air compressors and air compressor parts. Contact us and request a quotation today!