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The continuous development of industry and energy technology has promoted the development of air compressor South America. Factors such as mining development and the increasing demand for compressors that process and pressurize multiple gases in oil and natural gas are driving the further development of the South American compressor market.

5 bar small no noise variable speed air compressor for airbrush

Air compressor distributors and agents in South America have generally tended to import compressed air equipment from neighboring countries in the past few years. In recent years, due to the increase of China air compressor manufacturers, more and more South American companies have begun to try China air compressor machines. Because the quality of machinery made in China is reliable and the air compressors price is cheap.

As a China air compressor manufacturer with many years of export experience, Sollant began exporting air compressors to South America in 2018, such as Argentina, Peru, Brazil, Ecuador, Venezuela, Colombia, and other countries. The export volume has been increasing every year. trend.

Market Situation

If you plan to buy an air compressor for your own use or you are an air compressor distributor. Before you purchase, you need to understand the market and price of the South American air compressor market.