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With the development of mining and drilling modernization in South Africa, the requirements for mining equipment are getting higher and higher, and building high-quality and safe mining bases has become the core of the development of the mining industry.

Compressors are mechanical equipment that increases gas pressure by reducing gas volume. They are widely used in the mining and drilling industries. In addition to electric screw compressors, the market share of mining compressors in South Africa has been increasing significantly.

Mining equipment is constantly updated and improved. Reliability, ease of operation, intelligence and maintainability are the most basic requirements.

Permanent Magnet energy saving 15KW Variable speed screw air compressor 20HP 8bar Air-Compressors 80cfm made in China

In the traditional mining industry, piston air compressors are the most used, but piston air compressors have high energy consumption, high noise, large displacement, and low work efficiency. Therefore, mobile screw air compressors are commonly used in South Africa.

The mobile screw type air pressure produces high efficiency, low noise, high stability, and convenient operation and maintenance. The most important thing is the convenience of movement, which has brought convenience to many mining enterprises. Therefore, diesel compressors for sale in South Africa are more popular. However, there are fewer air compressor suppliers in south Africa, and they will choose to import from China.

System Benefits

The use of air compressors (such as rotary screw compressors, centrifugal compressors) in end-user industries such as mining, drilling, food and beverages, oil and natural gas has been increasing and has been driving the growth of the air compressor market in recent years.