Portable Diesel Generator Buying Guide

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1. Types of generators

The generator is basically a small power plant: it uses fuel sources such as gasoline, natural gas or solar energy, etc. to create motion and convert it into electrical energy. Generally speaking, the generator is a substitute or complement to electricity from the electric grid.

Sollant generator

There’s a wide range of generators from small portable generators to large standby generators. The Portable Diesel Generator is one of our star products.

*What is the portable generator

Sollant Portable generator

As we mentioned before, the generator can be a small mobile generator or large standby

Generator. Usually, this kind of portable generator uses gasoline or diesel as fuel, which can be sourced from a gas stations. This sourcing method makes the mobile generator smaller in size and can be stored easily in a vehicle or kept in a shed.


*What is a portable diesel generator?

Sollant diesel generator function

For mobile generators, there can be many types of fuel: diesel is a good choice for it can provide a more efficient power output than gasoline. The diesel’s low burning temperature puts less strain on an electric engine than gasoline, which allows the portable diesel generator to have a higher level of durability and long life. Even in freezing temperatures, the portable diesel generator can be filled with winter diesel fuel that prevents freezing or gelling.

Diesel generator application

All these features mentioned above make the portable diesel generator an ideal type of commercial generator: it’s the best choice for those who are looking for long-lasting and easy-to-maintain generators.


2. How to choose a portable diesel generator?

The portable diesel generator is appropriate for industrial use, especially for outdoor events such as construction, infrastructure, etc. Here are the tips for buying portable diesel generator:

(1). Generator Oversizing


When sizing the generator, the most important factor is the high inrush current associated with starting the electric motors and transformers, which is generally six times the full load current. It’s been common practice to take motor and transformer starting kVA requirements as the main parameter to determine the size of the generator.

However, this method of measurement usually results in generators being oversized for the motor running load and not based on the actual needs of the application. To avoid this oversizing, the generator might be equipped with a permanent magnet or auxiliary winding.

(2). Fuel Efficiency

diesel generator

As we mentioned before, diesel is a more efficient fuel source for electricity generation.

Actually, the fact that the equipment can run for longer and more economically has been a big diver behind the market’s growth. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to ask more than two portable diesel generator manufacturers for a forecast on fuel consumption before investing your money.

(3). Control Systems


The control system is also an essential factor for choosing the generator for it offers a variety of features, such as remoting control and programming, warnings display, and a broad range of analysis data. This data is an overview of the application process, which helps a lot to improve the efficiency of the generator.

(4). Physical Size and Transportation

mobile generators

As the name indicates, the portable diesel generator must be easy to move and transport: in particular, a generator with lifting eyes or forklift slots is easy to be towed or loaded on trucks. When using multiple generators, this kind of generator is also easy to be stacked on top of each other.

Sollant Diesel Generator

Our Tow-Behind-Generator offers you all the advantages mentioned before.


3. Advantages of our products

The Portable Diesel Generator (Tow-Behind Generator) is the star product of Sollant. Its main advantages are the followings:

Sollant Diesel Generator Inside

(1). Boundary-Crossing in Design

A car smooth-streamline design offers an aesthetic and durable appearance.

(2). Weather Resistance

The material of high-performance stainless steel improves the performance of the machine under extreme weather conditions.

(3). Assembly and Fastening of High Level

The bolts of the shield are made of 304 stainless steel, which offers high corrosion resistance of the machine in harsh environments.

(4). Low Noise

On the silent model, the noise level of the generator is below 75 dB, which meets the international requirement; on the super silent mode, the level of the noise is below 65 db, which meets the military requirement.

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