What Are Diesel Air Compressors Used For ?

Sollant Portable Diesel Air Compressor

1. What is Diesel Air Compressor?

Generally, there’re two main air compressor categories: positive displacement and dynamic.

Under these two umbrella categories, there can be many types of air compressors based on the working theory, the main structure, or even the types of motor or engine of the air compressor.

Positive Displacement VS Dynamic Compression

The positive displacement air compressor is the most commonly used compressor and it can be driven either by diesel engine or electric motors. Nowadays more and more leading air compressors manufacturers take the diesel air compressor as one of their main products.

Sollant Portable Diesel Air Compressor

The Diesel Driven Air Compressor is a complex system with numerous components. However, in summary, there’re two core components: Air End and Diesel Engine. Surely the air end is the heart of the air compressor for it’s the part that draws air from the atmosphere, forces it into a much smaller space, and compresses it. But this air needs a power source to operate, which is where the diesel engine comes in: the diesel engine converts diesel fuel into motion, forcing the air end to move and the system to compress air.


2. Types of Diesel Air Compressor  

Nowadays there’s a great variety of diesel air compressors made by various manufacturers of standard & custom diesel compressors. Generally, there are two main types of Diesel Air Compressor:

Diesel Portable Air Compressor: It’s equipped with a lifting ring for safe and convenient lifting and transportation. Thanks to this design, this diesel engine air compressor is easy to move and even can move flexibly in bad terrain conditions.

Portable Diesel Air Compressor

Diesel Stationary Air Compressor: Compared with Diesel Portable Air Compressor, the Diesel Stationary Air Compressor is larger in volume and occupies more space. This kind of air compressor shows more stability.

Starionary Diesel AiR Compressor

3. Applications of Diesel Air Compressor

All the air compressors are mainly used as power equipment in which the pressurized air is created as potential energy. Compared with other energy-generating equipment, the air compressor is quieter, lighter, and with less chance of a breakdown.

In particular, the Diesel Portable Air Compressor, which is powered by a diesel engine, can be used in any location or environment: it’s commonly used on construction sites, in manufacturing plants, and even for handheld screwdrivers as an energy source.


4. How to Choose Diesel Air Compressor?

As we mentioned at the beginning, the air compressors can be classified into three categories according to the type of motor inside: the electric air compressor is a very common and quiet type, but it’s less powerful compared with fossil-fuel driven compressors; the petrol engine air compressor might be lighter, quieter and less expansive type, but it may not output similar torque as a diesel air compressor does; the diesel air compressor is noisier compared with other two types, but it’s movable and more powerful.


Among so many diesel portable air compressor manufacturers & suppliers, how to choose the most reliable manufacturer of standard & custom diesel compressors? The tips are the following:

PSI Rating: The PSI is is a common unit of pressure used in many different pressure measuring applications. The higher the rating, the more air the tank has. In different applications the requirements for the pressure are different. Thus, the PSI Rating is an important reference parameter of the industrial portable air compressor.

Sollant Air Compressor Manufacturer

The experience and reputation of the manufacturer: It’s critical to choose an established and reputable Diesel Portable Air Compressor manufacturer. With years of experience, they will offer you the right product based on your needs, budget, and application.

We, Sollant, as a leading air compressors manufacturer in China, always offer you industrial portable air compressors of high quality.

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