How to reduce air compressor noise?

How to reduce air compressor noise?


  1. The length of the resonance tube when the convex wall is opened. When the excitation frequency of the Chongqing air compressor coincides with the natural frequency of the pipe system, resonance occurs, and the length of the pipe is the length of the resonance pipe.


  1. Add orifice plate in the pipeline. The orifice is a resistance element that reduces pulse flow. The orifice plate is installed at the inlet and outlet where the pulse is large and the void volume is large enough.


  1. Increase the hose connection and cut off the vibration along the pipeline. That is to say, a piece of metal pipe is changed into a rubber pipe, and the length is generally more than 0.5 meters.


  1. The fixed position of the pipeline should be elastically fixed to prevent vibration from being transmitted to the bracket.


  1. Set the buffer type.

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