How to deal with insufficient heat in the air compressor during operation

How to deal with insufficient heat in the air compressor during operation


Features of the air compressor: the compressor is directly driven by the motor, which makes the crankshaft rotate, drives the connecting rod to make the piston reciprocate, and causes the cylinder volume to change.


External factors often have a great influence on the ventilation and cooling state. There are three important factors that affect the cooling of the surrounding environment of the air compressor:


The air compressor is installed with partitions or other partitions too close.


Air compressors may have objects with other heat sources, so it is recommended that they be installed and operated in strict accordance with the installation and operating environment of Shenzhen air compressors.


Radiators can also be a problem if they are inadvertently blocked. During this period of time, the environment around the air compressor is dusty, and after a long time of operation, the surface of the radiator will be covered with dust or oil, which will affect the heat dissipation effect. If the oil filter is too dirty, it may overheat and cause the air compressor to be unstable. The oil filter of the air compressor is too dirty to enter the air compressor at the normal flow rate, so the air compressor heats up rapidly due to insufficient cooling oil. There is also cooling oil, of course it is too low.


Because the quality of oil, oil, etc. is poor. For example, when using other low-standard oil or low-quality oil, the viscosity and specific heat are not up to the standard, and the temperature will cause other problems.


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