What to do if the screw air compressor cannot start

What to do if the screw air compressor cannot start


What should you do if the screw air compressor fails to start? Don’t panic, let the professional technicians of the air compressor tell you.


  1. Check the switching power supply. If the power supply is not connected, you can turn off the main switch of the power supply to connect to the switching power supply.


  1. The fuse of the control circuit is blown: replace the fuse immediately, find out the cause and solve it.


  1. The thermal overload relay is broken: correct the cause of the overload and reset the thermal overload appliance again.


  1. If the voltage is too low, ask the power company to check and input the voltage, and compare it with the DC voltage of the motor to check why the voltage is too low.


  1. If the power supply is faulty, check the power distribution part at this time.


  1. Is it because the wiring is loose. At this time, all wiring nodes should be checked and tightened if there is a loose part.


  1. Common faults of the temperature sensor: Check the sensor, if there is any abnormality, contact the professional staff for repair.


8 .Transformer faults: Check the voltage of the secondary coil of the transformer.


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