How to solve the problem of oil consumption of air compressor


Mainly should start from the following aspects:


  1. Check whether the oil content of the condensed water discharged from the trap is large. If so, check the leakage point in the unit and eliminate it.


  1. Check whether the opening pressure of the minimum pressure valve is normal. If so, troubleshoot and replace the valve if necessary.


  1. The oil-gas separator of the air compressor is broken. The function of air compressor oil is to separate the oil in the compressed air to avoid excessive oil content in the compressed air.


  1. The oil return system is blocked. The blockage of the oil return system will cause the oil to not come out, resulting in an increase in the oil content of the compressed air. If you encounter this situation, you should clean or replace the oil return pipe.


  1. Poor oil quality will also lead to this situation. Just replace the air compressor lubricating oil.


  1. Check whether the oil level of the compressor is too high, if so, drain the oil to the normal position after removing the pressure.



  1. The filter element has not been replaced for a long time, the maintenance work of the air compressor cannot be neglected, and the maintenance of the air compressor should be done regularly.


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