How to summarize the compressed air consumption data of air compressors?

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This article will introduce how to summarize the compressed air consumption data of air compressors:

In order to collect the consumption data of compressed air from enterprise air compressors as accurately as possible, such as working pressure and flow data, the examination time should be at least 7 days. Only in this way can we understand the real situation of all compressed air in the use of the air compressor equipment (such as the different needs of different shifts and weekends, etc.). The testing rhythm, which is the time interval between collecting data and saving all testing data, has a significant impact on the quality of testing. This time interval should be as short as possible, because the shorter the data interval, the more comprehensive the understanding of the real control and adjustment process of the air compressor, and the more accurate the information expressed by the data. The time interval value used in practice is 2 seconds. After the data collection work is completed, analysis will be carried out with the help of evaluation and analysis software.sollant centrifugal fanvertical two stage compression air compressor

The analysis results provided by the compressed air equipment energy calculation system of the air compressor have multiple applications, which can accurately provide a comprehensive picture of the actual situation of the air compressor station and the energy demand during the detection time period.sollant centrifugal fanvertical two stage compression air compressor

The description of the actual state makes the production cost of compressed air very transparent, which can clearly indicate the energy cost that users need to pay for compressed air production every year.

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In order to clearly represent the detection and analysis results, the system can display a lot of data information in the form of tables and graphics, such as the daily and weekly flow data of all air compressors and each air compressor; Total traffic accumulation data; Daily and weekly working pressure data of the air compressor; Total pressure accumulation data; Load running time and no-load running time of the air compressor; The ratio of load running time to no-load running time; Load variation time interval; Start interval of air compressor motor; Leakage rate compared to production time and air compressor working time; The work of summarizing the compressed air consumption data of each air compressor is greatly completed by allocating the energy consumption and power consumption of each air compressor according to the load operation and no-load operation.