Daily use process of air compressor

Sollant air Compressor

This article mainly introduces the daily use process of air compressors. Familiarity with a set of work processes can make your enterprise operate more smoothly and greatly save manpower and resources.

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1. Before starting up each time, slightly open the drain ball valve below the oil and gas tank to drain the condensed water inside (as water is heavier than oil and settles in the lower part). Once oil is seen flowing out, quickly close it. For air compressors operating continuously in high heat and humidity environments, it is essential to shut down for at least 10 hours per week in order to drain condensate from the lubricating oil and avoid emulsification. For compressors in extremely cold environments, it should be ensured that the lubricating oil does not condense.

2. Check the static oil level and supplement it if it is insufficient (considering that the oil level during operation may be slightly lower than during shutdown). When refueling, it should be confirmed that there is no pressure in the system before opening the oil cap. It is strictly prohibited to abuse different grades of lubricating oil, mix different grades or unqualified lubricating oil, which may increase fuel consumption and even cause serious consequences such as mechanism jamming.


Sollant air Compressor



3. Rotate the air compressor several times by hand and it should move freely. If there is any jamming, check the cause.

4. Turn on the main power: Open the shut-off valve.

5. Press the overrun button and the compressor will start running automatically.sollant centrifugal fan vertical two-stage compression air compressor

6. This compressor has a high degree of automation and complete safety protection functions, generally without the need for personnel to monitor. But to ensure safety, it is necessary to regularly check and record parameters such as exhaust pressure, ambient temperature, exhaust temperature, oil level, etc. during operation for future maintenance reference.

During operation, the oil system is filled with high-temperature and high-pressure liquid, and the oil pipeline should not be loosened or other dangerous operations should be carried out. If there are abnormal sounds, vibrations, etc., the machine should be stopped immediately by pressing the “emergency stop button”.

Quiet Oil-Free Water Lubricated Compressor


After the work is completed, press the “stop” button, and the compressor will enter the normal shutdown program. After releasing the internal pressure, the compressor will delay the shutdown. Note that only in emergency situations can the machine be stopped by pressing the “emergency stop button”.

9. Close the shut-off valve and cut off the main power supply.