Precautions for shutdown and startup of screw air compressor:

Sollant industrial screw compressor

1. During the shutdown period, if possible, the air compressor should be heated as much as possible; If it is impossible, try to cover the compressor with plastic cloth or other coverings to block wind and snow.

rotary screw type air compressor

2. The temperature of the air compressor unit is relatively high during operation; After shutdown, due to the low external temperature, a large amount of condensate will be generated and exist in the pipeline. If not discharged in a timely manner, it may cause blockage, freezing, and cracking of the exhaust pipe of the air compressor in cold winter weather. Therefore, after shutting down the air compressor for cooling in winter, it is important to pay attention to releasing all gases, oil stains, and liquid water from the compressor and pipelines.

3. After the holiday shutdown, please ask the operator to turn off the power, open each drainage valve, and use their hands to quickly turn the coupling in the direction specified by the arrow, so that the machine can rotate quickly and drain the water inside the machine as much as possible.

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4. Before starting the machine again after the holiday, please check the various valves that were opened before the holiday. Before starting the machine again (power off), manually rotate the coupling to ensure that it operates normally. Only after there are no abnormalities can the machine be started.

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5. Attention should be paid to instant starting. Due to the low ambient temperature, the reduced fluidity of lubricating oil can cause damage to the machine body. If possible, increase the ambient temperature before starting. Pay close attention to the oil injection pressure at the moment of starting up. Some machines have very high gear operating speeds, and if the oil is not injected in time, it is easy to damage the gears.

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6. It is not recommended to use the automatic operation function of the air compressor in cold environments.