What are the main applications of oil-free water-lubricated air compressors?

1. What are the applications of oil-free water lubricated air compressors?

The oil-free water lubricated air compressor is suitable for many sectors and for this reason the oil free water injected compressor is widely used in many industries, which mainly are the following:

The pharmaceutical industryFor the pharmaceutical industry and many other medical applications, cleanliness is crucial for product quality and performance. In the manufacturing process, contaminants such as moisture or oil affect the quality of the products and even cause potential dangers. For this reason, the oil-free air compressor is indispensable as it ensures the purity of the product.

FoodLike the pharmaceutical industry, the food manufacturing industry also requires 0 contamination. Actually, every food manufacturer has their own risk management guidelines on acceptable levels of contamination for oil, water, and other particles. Thus the oil-free water lubricated compressor is essential to avoid contamination, such as oil, etc.

ElectronicsThe water lubricated oil-free screw air compressor is required for the cleaning of the printed circuit boards (PCB) and other similar applications. This water-injected oil-free screw air compressor delivers dry, clean compressed air protecting the fragile instrumentation.

Textile industryThe oil-free compressed air is critical for air-jet looms and spinning machines as it can prevent production loss and fabric staining.


2. All you need to know about oil-free water lubricated air compressor Difference between oil-free and oil-lubricated air compressor.

The difference between oil-free and oil lubricated is more than the presence or absence of oil: the oil-lubricated air compressor requires the change of the oil every now and then; besides it also requires air filtration to remove the oil. For this reason, the oil lubricated air compressor requires more maintenance work than the water lubricated oil-free screw air compressor.

However, compared with the oil lubricated air compressor, this water lubricated oil-free screw air compressor is much louder in operation.

In one word, a water lubricated oil-free screw air compressor is better for the industries that require high purity air; and the oil lubricated screw air compressor is more suitable for the industries that require more operational continuity.


*How long does an oil-free air compressor last?

In terms of the oil-free air compressor, there are two main types, oil-free piston air compressors that last around 10-15 years and oil-free water lubricated air compressors that last about 20-30 years.

Compared with the oil lubricated air compressor, the oil-free air compressor isn’t an ideal choice for running for several hours at a time as the lubricant materials wear out soon. However, the technology has improved significantly in recent years and makes the oil-free screw compressor last longer Besides, the lifespan of the oil-free air compressor also depends largely on maintenance, proper care, and usage habits.


*Why does an air compressor need to be lubricated?

Whether it’s an oil-lubricated air compressor or an oil-free air compressor, the lubricant is indispensable. Why does an air compressor always need to be lubricated?

The general mechanism of an air compressor is a piston or rotary element that draws in air and then compresses it into a storage tank. This means that the piston or rotary element needs to move consistently and smoothly, for which lubrication is essential.

In terms of the oil-free air compressor, there’s no need for oil for lubricating. Instead, the wearable parts are coated in special friction-reducing chemicals and are designed to be self-lubricating for the life of the compressor.


3. What are the advantages of oil-free water lubricated air compressor?

Nowadays there are more and more oil-free air compressor manufacturers in china. Among so many oil-free screw compressor manufacturers, why choose Sollant as your oil-free compressor supplier? The reason is the following:

*class oil-free compressed air

As we mentioned before, oil-free compressed air is indispensable for industries such as pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, textile manufacturing, electronics, or other high-technology manufacturing, etc. These industries require the high quality of the end product, which means no potential contamination, such as oil, etc. Thus the 0-class oil-free compressed air is critical in many industries.

*Material of stainless steel

Sollant oil-free screw compressor is made of stainless steel, which means excellent corrosion resistance, eliminating the need of rust-proof maintenance.

*Energy efficiency

Sollant Oil Free Rotary Screw Air Compressor is designed with PM VSD technology, which saves 13%-15% energy.


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