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Working Power:5.5-355KW


Working Pressure:7-13bar

Air Displacement:0.8-61M3/Min

Working Power:5.5-315KW


Working Pressure:7-13bar

Air Displacement:0.8-50M3/Min

Working Power:5.5-22KW


Working Pressure:7-20bar

Air Displacement:0.8-25M3/Min

Working Power:22-315KW


Working Pressure:7-13bar

Air Displacement:3.2-62M3/Min

Working Power:15-200KW


Working Pressure:3-5bar

Air Displacement:1.8-43M3/Min

Working Power:7.5-295KW


Working Pressure:7-10bar

Air Displacement:0.5-43M3/Min

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Screw air compressor manufacturing is our main business. Provide suitable air compressors for various industries.

Of course, As a professional screw air compressor supplier, we have our own design department and have offerd design service. We often provide rotary screw air compressor OEM services to international customers. Both OEM&ODM can be accepted. We can do it as your requirements, such as color, LOGO, motor, and appearance, etc.

If you don't know how to choose a screw air compressor for your factory, as a professionalcompressed air companies, we can recommend the most suitable industrial air compressor according to your actual situation.

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We are top 10 screw air compressor manufacturers in china, serving more than 80 countries in the world. If you only need one, we welcome it. If you order in bulk, we can give you a more favorable price.

Sollant air compressor companies provide pre-sales and after-sales air compressor service for every customer.

Pre-sales consulting service: Helping customers to analyze the technical parameters of gas consumption, air compressor pressure, voltage, motor protection, host machine, accessories, application environment, etc.

After-sales service: 7*24 hours engineer service, machine repair, and maintenance instructions providing original screw air compressor. Help agent analyzes local rotary screw air compressor market and provides marketing plan. Sollant rotary screw compressor manufacturers continuously develop new air compressors for customers to occupy the market.

Air compressors are used in many different settings, but they often require oil to work correctly. Oil-free air compressors are a new option that is becoming more popular as they’re environmentally friendly and require less maintenance. Here are some tips on how to choose the right oil-free air compressor for you and how to choose the best oil-free air compressor manufacturers in China.

What is an oil-free air compressor?

An oil-free air compressor works in the same way as a standard air compressor, but it uses no oil for lubrication. The compressor is designed to perform self-lubrication by using air to lubricate the moving parts.

How do oil-free air compressors work?

An oil-free air compressor uses a system of internal displacement to increase the pressure that is needed to operate the compressor.

The system works by using a piston/cylinder assembly that is connected to a rod and lever mechanism.

The cylinder creates a vacuum in its chamber, which pulls the piston down and into the cylinder.

When this happens, it increases the pressure in the chamber, which then increases the pressure in the cylinders.

This process causes an increase in the speed of rotation of both pistons and cylinders, which transfers energy from one place to another, powering up an air compressor’s motor.

What can I use as a lubricant for my oil-free air compressor?

You can use any type of lubricant for your oil-free air compressor as long as it doesn’t contain any waxes or oils that would cause damage over time. If you choose to use lubricant, you can use grease, oil, or a mixture of the two.

You can also add a small amount of oil to the lubricant you are using so that it does not dry out as quickly.

Advantages of oil-free air compressors?

Here are the top benefits of using oil-free air compressors:

No contamination of air

The fact that this air compressor has zero traces of oil means there will be zero contamination of air.

This is because the air compressor is not oil-based and so there will be no lubricant in the airflow.

Better performance

The fact that this air compressor does not use oil means that it can be used for a much longer period of time.

This is because there won’t be any components that will wear out due to the lubricants used in regular air compressors.

You should inquire from the manufacturer about the performance of

Less maintenance required

The fact that this air compressor doesn’t require any maintenance means you will have less work to do when it comes to cleaning and maintaining your air compressor.

You will also find it very easy to clean as well, which is another huge benefit of using oil-free air compressors.

Longer service life

The fact that this air compressor does not use any lubricants means the parts inside are more durable than those used in other types of compressors and therefore have a greater service life over time.

This makes them more reliable than those with lubricants inside and therefore last longer.

However, this does not apply to all compressors. That is why we insist you buy from an oil-free screw compressor manufacturer.

Environmentally friendly

A regular air compressor uses lots of oil, which pollutes the environment. This makes it an environmental hazard, especially when you have to dispose of the oil after using it.

The fact that this air compressor does not use any oil means there will be no pollution from it and so it is a much better option for the environment when compared to a regular air compressor.

As you can see, there are many benefits associated with using an oil-free air compressor rather than one that requires lubricant as oil-based ones do. If you want to enjoy all these benefits, then you should buy from the best oil-free air compressor manufacturers in China.

Types of oil-free air compressor

Even under the oil-free air compressors, there are different options that you can choose from. These include:

Dry-type  oil-free air compressor

As the name suggests, this type of air compressor does not use oil or any other fluid for lubrication.

Instead, it has self-lubricating components that keep the pistons and the cylinders safe during operation.

This type of air compressor is ideal for applications that are not too dusty and require a compact design.

The compressors have an internal oil reservoir that keeps the pistons and cylinders lubricated during the operation, which enables them to operate for longer.

Water-injected screw compressor

This type of air compressor uses water as the lubricant and is designed to work under low pressure.

The water in this case is injected into the cylinder through rubber hoses that are connected to a water tank.

This type of air compressor has an oil reservoir and a water tank attached to it, which enables it to operate for longer without requiring an oil change. Ask the oil-free air compressor supplier about the type of water to be used.

Oil-free screw compressors:

Oil-free screw compressors are also known as dry-type compressors.

They are used for applications such as those that require long periods of operation without requiring the operation of any lubricating oil or fluid.

These include compressed air tools, industrial tools, and other applications that require a very long period of operation with little maintenance required during operation.

Application of Oil-free air compressors

Where are oil-free air compressors used?

Given that these air compressors are designed to deliver pure air, we can conclude that they are used in sensitive applications.

For example, they are used in medical applications such as those used to inflate the air chambers of surgical or dental instruments to ensure that they are properly inflated.

They are also used in industrial applications such as those related to compressed air tools, piping systems, and other applications requiring a very high level of airtightness.

Usually, oilless air compressor manufacturers specify the ideal application areas of their products.

Where to buy oil-free air compressors?

The best place to buy is from the oilless oil-free air compressor factory that is online. That's because online you can find the most competitive prices available.

You get the benefit of comparing several different oils to find the one that suits your specific needs. Reputable oilless air compressor factories also tend to provide more information about their products, making it easier for you to make an informed decision about which brand is right for your application.

Which oil-free air compressor should I buy?

There are many different models of oil-free compressor manufacturers on the market today, so it's important that you pick a model that is right for your application.

In conclusion, I hope you now have learned the facts about oil-free air compressors. The information provided in this article will help you make an informed decision about which type of air compressor to buy.

You need an air compressor, that is more than just an ordinary air compressor.

Let's say you have a business, it can be small or large and part of its activities will require the use of an air compressor.

You should consider getting an industrial air compressor.

Industrial air compressors are used on a variety of different machines, in many different industries.

They range from small devices that can be moved around to ones that weigh several tons and take up a significant amount of space.

Industrial air compressors are necessary for developing the pressures needed to operate industrial tools and machinery.

With so many uses, it’s important to understand the types of industrial air compressors available and how to choose the best compressor makers in China.

We’ve put together this comprehensive guide for you to explore the various types of industrial air compressed air suppliers.

 At the end of this guide, you will be able to find the best fit for your industrial needs.

Are all industrial air compressors the same? You may ask.

Different industries have different production needs. This automatically means that the air compressors are not the same. Also, Chinese air compressor manufacturers design different compressors for different application areas.

Let's look at the different types of industrial air compressors and their importance.

Fixed speed air compressor

Fixed speed air compressors are the most common type of air compressor in use today.

They feature an electric motor that is directly connected to the compressor’s crankshaft.

The motor and crankshaft are also connected to a drive belt, which is used to rotate the compressor’s impeller.

This configuration allows for a continuous flow of compressed air at a constant RPM (revolution per minute).

When pressure drops below the required level, more power is supplied to the motor by increasing its RPM.

Since they operate at a constant speed, these industrial air compressors are ideal for applications where the demand for compressed air is 24/7.

VSD screw air compressor

Variable speed drive is another type of industrial air compressor that you should consider buying.

In this case, the motor is connected to a clutch. This allows for the motor to be turned on and off, as well as slowed down or speeded up.

This configuration is ideal for applications that require different levels of compressed air at different times.

For example, a VSD screw air compressor can be used to run a pneumatic tool during the day and then switched over to power an air-powered paint sprayer at night.

It is also possible to have the VSD screw air compressor automatically adjust its speed in accordance with demand so that you don’t have to worry about changing it yourself.

Integrated screw air compressor

This type of industrial air compressor is a combination of a screw compressor and a motor.

The motor is typically attached to the drive shaft of the screw air compressor, and it is used to control the speed of the screw air compressor.

This type of industrial air compressor is designed for applications that require a large supply of compressed air.

The integration helps the air compressor achieve maximum results for different industrial applications. The screw air compressor manufacturers should give details on how to complete the integration.

Two-stage screw air compressor:

This type of industrial air compressor uses two stages to compress air.

In the first stage, the air is compressed using a smaller number of screws.

In the second stage, the air is compressed using a larger number of screws.

The result is higher pressure and higher flow rates at lower energy costs.

This type of industrial screw air compressor in China can be used for applications that require more power, such as running pneumatic tools or running pneumatic conveyor belts.

Low-pressure air compressor

What if you run a small-scale business? One that does not require heavy-duty air compressors?

We have the right solutions for you. Simply buy a low-pressure screw compressor manufacturer in China.

As the name suggests, this type of air compressor is designed for delivering compressed air at low pressure.

This type of industrial air compressor is ideal for small-scale businesses.

In addition, it is also used for residential applications.

Low-pressure air compressors are also called mini air compressors.

High-pressure air compressor:

Do you need a high-pressure air compressor?

If your answer is yes, this type of industrial air compressor is perfect for you.

These types of compressors are generally used in heavy industries.

In addition, they are also used in commercial applications that require large amounts of compressed air.

High-pressure air compressors are also called high-pressure screw compressors.

These types of industrial screw compressors have the ability to deliver compressed air at higher pressures than low-pressure air compressors do.

As a result, they are commonly used in applications that require large amounts of compressed air such as running pneumatic tools and running pneumatic conveyor belts.

Contact screw air compressor factory for full specifications.

You have seen the different types of air compressors that you should buy. Which one should I choose?

Here are some valuable tips that you can use for choosing the best industrial air compressors in chinese compressor manufacturers:

Analyze your industrial requirements

What kind of machines or applications will you be using on the air compressor? This is vital because industrial air compressors have different output performances.

Ensure that the industrial compressor that you will choose matches your requirements.

For example, if you have demanding equipment, then you will have to get high-pressure industrial air compressors.

Size of the industrial air compressor

Be sure to get the right size of industrial air compressor. This is because smaller industrial air compressors are not efficient enough to deliver high-pressure air.

Nowadays, you can find a wide range of industrial air compressors in different sizes like small, medium, and large.

Power consumption

Power consumption is one of the most important factors when choosing an industrial air compressor factory because. The power consumption will determine how much electricity your industrial compressor uses throughout its lifetime.

Are you thinking of saving the electricity bills?

You have to choose an industrial air compressor that consumes less power and has a long lifespan in order to save on energy costs.

The good news is that in recent years, OEM compressor manufacturers have been striving to develop energy-efficient air compressors for sale.

Check the horsepower

It is important to check the horsepower of industrial air compressors because it will determine how much air your compressor can pump out of a tank.

You can use your compressor to pump out different types of liquids such as water, oil and others.

Most industrial air compressors have a horsepower ranging between 1.5 hp to 6.5 hp. Also, this information is usually indicated by the air compressor manufacturing company.


We always tend to assume that industrial air compressors are sizable. But, do you have adequate space in which the air compressor can fit? The size of an industrial air compressor is important because, if it is too small, you won't be able to use your compressor in a large area. On the other hand, if it is too big, you will need a bigger space for storing the air compressor.

Industrial air compressor manufacturers

Where are you buying your industrial air compressor? Are you sure that the air compressor manufacturers will meet your needs?

It is important to check the industrial air compressor suppliers because you can get a wide range of products from them.

They have different pricing and different specifications which you can choose from.

If it is a Chinese compressor, try to find out what the best air compressor vendors in China are.


Is your industrial air compressor portable? If not, it will be a problem for you to move the air compressor around. It is also important for you to consider the portability of an industrial air compressor.

If it is too heavy to carry around, you will be less likely to move it from one place to another.

If a small size industrial air compressor can fit in your car's trunk or on your truck's trailer, that would be ideal for moving it around because, if it's too big, there won't be enough space for storing it.

One type of industrial air compressor that you may consider buying is a two-stage screw air compressor.

What benefits will I accrue from buying and using this type of air compressor?

Here are the top benefits:

Less energy consumption

Are you always thinking about cutting down the cost of energy for your air compressor? A two-stage air compressor may be the ideal solution. This type of air compressor is usually more efficient and energy-efficient compared to other types of industrial air compressors.

It uses less energy during the process of working, and it is more cost-effective.

Less noise:

Another benefit that you will enjoy when you use a two-stage screw air compressor is that the noise level will be less than the other types.

This type of compressed air supplies and equipment is usually quieter than other types, especially when it's running at medium speed or higher. It achieves this by using two stages instead of one stage, which means that it can produce more pressure without much noise.

Ideal for machines that require a constant supply of pressure

The two-stage air compressor is ideal for machines that require a constant supply of pressure. This is because this type of air compressor can produce a steady flow of pressure, no matter how heavy the load or how much the machine is using it.

Longer service life

The general rule of thumb when it comes to the life and durability of an industrial air compressor is that it will last longer if it uses fewer moving parts and has fewer components. The two-stage screw air compressor has fewer moving parts and fewer components, which means that its lifespan will be longer than other types. Of course, this will be possible if you buy a factory-direct air compressor.

If you are impressed by these benefits, then consider contacting a reliable rotary screw air compressor manufacturer in China.

One common application area of the industrial air compressor is in the field of laser cutting. Laser cutting is quite a sensitive application area hence you need to be careful with your choice of air compressor.

One key feature that you should consider is the hp or gas pressure. The higher the hp or gas pressure, the faster and more powerful your laser cutting machine will be.

A high-pressure air compressor can also help you to cut through thicker materials. This is because a high-pressure screw air compressor is capable of producing higher pressures, which enables it to cut through materials that are harder than normal.

For laser cutting machines that require a steady flow of pressurized air, you should consider purchasing an industrial air compressor OEM with a two-stage screw design. This type of industrial air compressor can produce a steady flow of pressurized air no matter how heavy the load or how much the machine is using it.

Another key feature that you should consider is the cubic feet per meter (CFM). This is the measure of the volumetric flow of compressed air. A high CFM allows you to cut through thicker materials and also allows you to cut more quickly. Air compressor China manufacturer will specify the volume of the air compressor.

In addition, you should also consider the portability of the air compressor for laser cutting. If the air compressor is quite large, it will be a lot easier for you to carry it around. This is because the larger the air compressor, the easier it is to carry it around.

The difference between the two is quite clear. The low-pressure air compressors have a very small CFM and are not very portable. These screw air compressor suppliers are also used for smaller jobs.

The high-pressure air compressors have a much higher CFM and are much more powerful. These air compressors can be used for larger jobs, and even for industrial purposes.

So, when talking to screw compressor manufacturers in China, clarify whether it is low pressure or high pressure.

I hope at this point you are fully equipped to buy industrial air compressors in China. Compression machine manufacturers in China are well-equipped to deliver a reliable air compressor for your application. Simply contact them and place your order from the largest air compressor manufacturers.