The difference between screw compressor and traditional machine

Sollant 4 in 1 air compressor


An air compressor is a machine that increases the pressure of gas. There are many structural types of air compressors. Compared with traditional piston compressors, the most prominent advantages of screw compressors are high reliability, no vibration, easy noise elimination, and pure exhaust.


First of all, the screw machine has the characteristics of efficient and reliable advanced main engine, superior electronic control operating system, economical operating cost, and good environmental adaptability. Traditional air compressors do not have these characteristics.

Sollant 4 in 1 air compressor

  1. Efficient and reliable advanced host:


Its proprietary rotor tooth shape and design, minimum processing clearance, high-precision assembly methods and inspection methods under extreme loads fully meet your requirements for unit reliability, performance and efficiency.


  1. Superior electronic control operating system:

Sollant 4 in 1 air compressor

The unit adopts an intelligent microcomputer control system, which has powerful fault diagnosis and protection functions, and can work for you 24 hours without being on duty. If the unit breaks down, the system will respond accordingly according to different situations, prompting you to replace other parts and perform necessary maintenance in time. The operation is particularly simple, and it enters the automatic operation state with one touch.


  1. Economical operating cost:


The system adopts stepless adjustment of 0-100% exhaust volume. When the air consumption decreases, the exhaust volume decreases accordingly, and the current of the motor also decreases at the same time; when the air is not used, the air compressor is carried empty, and it will automatically stop when it is empty for a long time. When the gas consumption increases, resume the heavy vehicle. The energy saving effect is the best.

Sollant 4 in 1 air compressor

  1. Good environmental adaptability:


Extraordinary cooling system design, especially suitable for high temperature and high humidity environment in Asia. Excellent vibration isolation technology and noise reduction measures make the installation of the screw machine without a special foundation, as long as the minimum space for ventilation and maintenance is left, your air compressor can be placed properly.

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