Four characteristics of screw air compressors and high temperature treatment methods

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The screw compressor is a volumetric gas compression machine that uses the working volume as a rotary motion. As people in the industry have higher and higher requirements for equipment, it has become an inevitable trend to replace piston air compressors with many wearing parts and poor reliability with screw air compressors with high reliability.


Compared with other air compressors, screw air compressors have four main characteristics.


First, high performance and high efficiency;


Second, just the right driving concept;


Third, the maintenance cost is low;


Fourth, the built-in can only be controlled.

Two-stage compression air compressor Sollant

During the operation of screw air compressors, excessive temperature rise is the most common fault. If it operates under high temperature conditions for a long time, it will seriously affect the exhaust volume and service life of its equipment.


Then, when the temperature rise is too high, what are the main reasons for the shutdown failure? We can roughly start the discussion from seven aspects.


  1. The temperature sensor is faulty. If the temperature sensor fails, it will falsely report the temperature and cause a shutdown.


  1. Ambient temperature factor. When the ventilation environment is relatively poor, most of the overheating is caused by this.

Two-stage compression air compressor Sollant

  1. The temperature control valve is faulty. If the temperature control valve is damaged, or its action is no longer sensitive, it will cause a large amount of high-temperature oil to circulate directly into the head of the main engine without passing through the cooler, thus causing the temperature of the main engine to be too high.


  1. The oil filter is faulty. The filter, as the name suggests, is to filter the dust and impurities mixed in the oil circuit. Generally, after a period of use, it is easy to block, resulting in unsmooth oil return and excessive temperature.


  1. The oil cut-off valve is faulty. Once the oil cut-off valve fails, it will also cause the oil circuit to be blocked, resulting in less oil in the main engine head, or even lack of oil, and poor heat dissipation, resulting in excessive temperature.

Two-stage compression air compressor Sollant

  1. The amount of lubricating oil is insufficient, and the oil cooler has too many impurities, which leads to blockage, and these reasons will also cause the temperature to be too high;


  1. The cooling fan fails and the air cooler is blocked, resulting in excessive air exhaust resistance, which will also cause poor heat dissipation and cause excessive temperature.


All in all, if the generated impurities are not cleaned regularly, or the heat dissipation is not smooth, it is easy to cause excessive temperature rise and cause the main reason for the shutdown of the air compressor.

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