How to reduce the motor loss rate of textile screw air compressor?


There are several ways to reduce motor losses:


  1. Stator loss. Increase the full slot rate of the stator slot, which is better for low-voltage small motors. The full slot rate of the stator can be increased by applying winding and insulation dimensions, and a large cross-sectional area of the wire; increasing the section of the stator slot, in the case of the same outer diameter, increases the stator The cross-sectional area of the slot will reduce the area of the magnetic circuit and increase the magnetic density of the teeth; shorten the length of the end of the stator winding as much as possible, the loss of the end of the stator winding accounts for 1/4 to 1/2 of the total loss of the winding, reducing the length of the end of the winding can improve the motor efficiency.


  1. Rotor loss. The I^2R loss of the motor rotor is mainly related to the rotor current and rotor resistance. The loss can be reduced mainly by the following methods: increasing the cross-sectional area of the rotor slot; reducing the resistance of the rotor winding, such as using thick wires and materials with low resistance Electric motors are more useful.


  1. Iron core loss. Reduce the magnetic density and increase the length of the iron core to reduce the magnetic flux density. It should be noted that the amount of iron used in the motor of the textile screw air compressor will also increase; use cold-rolled silicon steel sheets with good magnetic conductivity to reduce hysteresis loss; use high Performance iron chip insulation coating; the thickness of the iron chip can be reduced to reduce the loss of induced current; heat treatment and manufacturing technology.


  1. Stray loss. Use heat treatment and finishing to reduce the short circuit of the rotor surface; insulate the inner surface of the rotor slot; reduce harmonics by improving the stator winding design; improve the rotor slot matching design and fit to reduce harmonics, increase the stator and rotor tooth slots, and design the rotor slot shape as Inclined slots, series-connected sinusoidal windings, scattered windings and short-pitch windings can greatly reduce high-order harmonics; use magnetic slot mud or magnetic slot wedges to replace traditional insulating slot wedges, and use magnetic slot mud to fill up the motor stator core slot It is a method to reduce additional stray loss.


  1. Wind friction loss. Wind friction loss accounts for a large proportion of the total loss of the motor, and we must pay attention to it in daily work. There are mainly the following measures to reduce wind friction loss: reduce the size of the shaft, pay attention to meet the requirements of output torque and rotor dynamics; use lubrication system and lubricant; use high-performance bearings; adopt advanced sealing technology.


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