Precautions for disassembling the screw air compressor?

22KW screw air compressor


  1. When disassembling bearings, sealing parts and lifting rotor, knocking and collision are strictly prohibited to prevent parts from being damaged.


  1. Parts with the same shape should be numbered and grouped, and the matching parts should be marked and kept correspondingly to prevent wrong installation.


  1. Complete sets of parts, such as coupling bolts, floating ring seal components, radial bearings, thrust bearings, etc., should be preserved as a set.


  1. Hammering or prying with an iron bar is strictly prohibited on the mating seam and sealing surface (if knocking or prying is required, use a soft metal pad) to avoid damage to the mating processing surface.


  1. After the radial bearing is removed, it is strictly forbidden to rotate or move the rotor to prevent the seal from being damaged.


  1. When disassembling radial bearings, mechanical seals or floating ring seals, the rotor should be lifted slightly to avoid straining the matching parts.


  1. After removing the radial bearing, floating ring seal, and coupling hub, the journal portion where the bearing and floating ring seal are installed, and the shaft cone section where the coupling hub is installed should be wrapped and protected.


  1. When dismantling and hoisting parts, the hoisted parts should be pushed away with jackscrews, pushed aside with a crowbar or knocked loose, and it is strictly forbidden to forcibly pull and hoist.


  1. The lifting should be stable, pay attention to whether there are obstacles in all directions such as inside and outside, up and down, left and right, front and back.


  1. Before lifting the cylinder head, the thrust bearing should be removed, and the rotor should be placed in the middle of the axial displacement.


  1. The hanging and placement position should be reasonable, the binding should have protective measures, and the placement should be stable. The impeller is not allowed to support the rotor at any time.


  1. When lifting the cylinder head, the split plane should be kept horizontal, or the distance between the four corners and the split plane of the cylinder body should be equal, and it should not be jammed with the guide rod. During the lifting process, carefully observe the relevant parts, the lower partition, the rotor Can’t wait to follow suit.


  1. When lifting cylinders, partitions, rotors and other components, understand the weight of the equipment and the lifting position. The diameter of the rigging should be selected with a safety factor of not less than 10 times. Wood or soft material pads should be used at the contact between the rigging and the edges and corners of the equipment and the processing surface. good.


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