How to troubleshoot through the maintenance of permanent magnet frequency conversion air compressor?

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Some small problems in the air compressor may become particularly difficult, but it is a breeze for the industry, so how to troubleshoot the maintenance of the permanent magnet variable frequency screw air compressor?

1. When the abnormal vibration and noise of the steam turbine suddenly vibrate strongly or the friction sound is obviously heard, the vacuum should be broken. When the unit does not have too strong vibration or suspicious sound, the load should be reduced until the vibration is cleared. At the same time, the cause of the vibration should be analyzed. For this reason, it is necessary to check whether the bearing inlet oil has reduced the anvil lubricating oil pressure. Whether the temperature is too high or too low, whether the bearing outlet oil temperature is too high;

2. Whether the temperature of the main steam is too high; whether the temperature of the main steam is reduced to the extent that the wet steam enters the steam turbine; when the cylinder expands on one side, the reason should be found out; whether the cold air flow affects the expansion of the cylinder, and the doors and windows should be closed and removed when necessary.

3. If the downtime of the shaft seal or the circulation part at both ends can be clearly heard, and the friction sound can be clearly heard at both ends of the seal or circulation part, it must be repaired before the next start.

4. If there is not too much vibration during the start-up process, the speed should be reduced until the vibration is eliminated. The machine is warmed up at this speed for 15 minutes, and then gradually increase the speed. If the vibration still occurs, the speed should be reduced again.

5. If one-way cylinder expansion occurs during start-up, check whether the speed control valve is fully open, and ensure that the start-up and preheating work are performed with the speed control valve fully open.

6. When the load of the shaft seal decreases, because the steam supply of the shaft seal cannot be adjusted in time, the vacuum degree drops, and the pressure of the shaft seal should be adjusted in time.

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