How to deal with excessive moisture in permanent magnet frequency conversion air compressor?

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Users who have used permanent magnet variable frequency air compressors may encounter the situation that the water content in the compressed air is too high, so how to deal with it?

1. Freeze-drying method

The freeze dryer uses the cooling capacity generated by the refrigeration compressor to cool the compressed air, so that the compressed air reaches the dew point temperature corresponding to its pressure, so as to analyze the water in the compressed air and achieve the purpose of drying. The dryness of this drying method can reach the dew point of -23°C at atmospheric pressure.

2. Membrane separation and drying method

Using membrane separation technology to dry compressed air is a very useful and boring method. When the compressed air passes through the hollow fiber membrane, the osmotic pressure of various substances is different, so that the water is separated from the compressed air, so as to achieve the effect of drilling.

3. Adsorption drying method

The adsorption drying method is to use the adsorption properties of adsorbents for water, such as silica gel, activated alumina and molecular sieves, etc., which have strong adsorption capacity for water. The moisture absorption process of the adsorbent is a physical process. This adsorption has, high pressure adsorption, low pressure desorption (ie, pressure swing adsorption), atmospheric pressure thermal adsorption (TSA), variable temperature or room temperature desorption, atmospheric pressure high temperature desorption (PTC) adsorption, etc. features. The dryness of this adsorption can reach the dew point of -70°C at normal pressure.

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