Low air compressor pressure? reason?

Portable Diesel Air Compressor

During the use of the screw air compressor, sometimes there will be a failure of low pressure, so what is the reason for the low pressure of the screw air compressor?

1. The deflation valve is faulty (it cannot be closed when loading);

2. The pressure switch setting is too low (the relay controls the unit);

3. Pressure gauge failure (relay control unit); replace the pressure gauge;

4. The pressure switch is faulty (the relay controls the unit); repair and replace the pressure switch if necessary;

5. Air leakage in the control pipeline: Air leakage in the control pipeline of the air compressor will prevent the intake valve from being fully opened so that the load of the unit cannot be fully loaded;

6. The air demand is greater than the supply: check whether the valve on the air supply pipeline is open or whether there is any air leakage in the system, and reduce the air consumption;

7. The air filter is blocked: the function of the air filter is to filter the inhaled air to ensure that the air entering the air compressor is clean. If the air filter element is seriously clogged, it will affect the air intake of the unit. Therefore, the filter element must be replaced in time;

8. Failure or damage of the pressure regulator: The function of the pressure regulation system is to automatically adjust the compressor according to the gas consumption of the customer in order to achieve a balance between supply and demand. Therefore, the damaged pressure regulator should be replaced in time, and the failed pressure regulator should be adjusted in time;

9. Blockage of oil-gas separator: Due to the existence of some impurities in the oil circuit system, after the filter element has been working for a period of time, blockage will occur, which will increase the resistance of compressed air passing through the filter element and affect the normal operation of the unit. Therefore, the operator should replace the filter element in time according to the signal displayed on the monitor panel;

10. The intake valve cannot be fully opened: the function of the intake valve is to control the amount of intake air. When the unit is running at full load, the intake valve is fully open. When the air volume required by the user decreases, the air volume adjustment device will input compressed air to the intake valve to reduce the opening of the intake valve, thereby reducing the intake air volume of the compressor. The failure of the intake valve will affect the load of the unit. How many.

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