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Introduction of air compressor accessories:

Durable accessories include cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, seals, brakes, oil pumps, safety valves, etc., but screw air compressors are different from piston air compressors, and the working principle of screw air compressors is different from that of piston air compressors. , The design is different. The vulnerable parts of the screw air compressor include oil filter element, air filter element, solenoid valve, engine oil, etc. Generally, the screw of the screw air compressor is not easy to be damaged, and the service life is relatively long.

Air compressor accessories classification:

1. Sensors: temperature sensor, pressure sensor.

2. Controller: computer board, relay board, plc controller, controller, control panel box, operation panel box.

3. Valves: solenoid valve, rotary valve, pneumatic valve, relief valve, temperature control valve, thermal control valve, temperature control valve spool, proportional valve capacity adjustment valve, pressure maintenance valve, intake valve, safety valve, regulating valve , Expansion valve, expansion valve, check valve, shuttle valve, line filter, automatic drain valve, filter cup, pressure reducing valve, pressure regulator.

4. Filter and oil: air filter, oil filter, fine oil, lubricating oil, pipeline filter, automatic drain valve, water filter cup.

5. Main engine: main engine (machine head), bearing, shaft seal oil seal, bushing, gear, gear shaft, overhaul.

6. Maintenance kits: main engine, unloading valve maintenance kits, pressure maintenance valves, rotary valves, temperature control valve cores, intake valves, coupling elastomers and other maintenance kits.

7. Cooling: fan, radiator, heat exchanger, oil cooler, rear cooler.

8. Switch: pressure switch, temperature switch, emergency stop switch, differential pressure switch.

9. Transmission: couplings, elastomers, plum blossom pads, elastic blocks, gears, gear shafts.

10. Hose: intake hose, high pressure hose.

11. Startup panel: contactor, thermal protection, reverse phase protector, line row, relay, transformer, etc.

12. Buffer parts: shock absorbing pads, expansion joints, expansion valves, elastomers, plum blossom pads, elastic blocks.

13. Instruments: timer, temperature switch, temperature display, pressure gauge, decompression gauge.

14. Motor: permanent magnet motor, variable frequency motor, motor, motor.

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Firstly, briefly explain the function of each air compressor accessory on the main air source passage in the air flow:

1. Oil and gas barrel

The oil and gas barrel has two functions of oil and gas separation and oil storage. The compressed oil-gas mixture is discharged to the oil-gas barrel, and most of the lubricating oil can be separated by rotating in the oil-gas barrel. There is more lubricating oil in the oil-gas barrel, which prevents the hot oil that has just been separated from immediately participating in the next cycle, which is conducive to reducing the emission. air temperature. An oil level indicator is installed on the side of the oil and gas barrel. There is a filling hole on the barrel for refueling. The oil level of the static lubricating oil should be between the upper limit and the lower limit of the oil level gauge. There is an oil (water) discharge ball valve under the oil and gas barrel, and the ball valve should be slightly opened before each operation to remove the condensed water in the oil and gas barrel. Once oil comes out, close it quickly. Due to the large cross-sectional area of the oil and gas barrel, the flow rate of compressed air can be reduced, which is beneficial to the separation of oil droplets and plays the role of preliminary oil removal.

2. Air filter

The air filter is a dry paper filter with a pore size of about 5 μm. Its main function is to filter out dust in the air, avoid premature wear of the screw rotor, and premature blockage of the oil filter and fine oil separator. Usually every 500 hours of work, it should be removed to remove the dust on its surface. The way to remove it is to use low-pressure air to blow the dust from the inside out.

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3. Oil and gas separator

The filter element of the oil-gas separator is made of multi-layer fine special fibers. The mist lubricating oil contained in the compressed air can be almost completely filtered out after passing through the fine oil separator. The size of the oil particles can be controlled below 0.1μm, and the oil content can be controlled Less than 3PPM.

4. Intake valve

The intake valve is a disc-type intake valve, which mainly controls the empty load through the opening and closing of the disc in the intake valve; there are two control methods, one is an on-off type, when the pressure reaches the upper limit set , close the air inlet, the pressure drops to the lower limit set value, and reopen the air inlet to work at full capacity. Another type of capacity adjustment control, the disc of the intake valve is slightly closed and the proportional valve is used for capacity adjustment control, which adapts to the external gas consumption and keeps the pressure stable within a certain range. Open, at this time the air compressor runs at full load.

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5. Safety valve

When the gas pressure in the oil and gas barrel is 1.1 times higher than the rated exhaust pressure, the safety valve will automatically take off and release the pressure, so that the pressure will drop below the rated exhaust pressure.

6. After cooler

The compressed air flowing out from the minimum pressure valve is passed to the aftercooler. The aftercooler and the oil cooler are made into one, and their structures are the same, both of which are plate warping. Cooling fans draw cool air in and over the aftercooler rockers. The temperature of the compressed air after cooling is generally below the ambient temperature +15°C.

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7. Minimum pressure valve

It is located at the outlet of the oil and fine separator above the oil and gas cylinder, and the opening pressure is set to about 0.45MPa. The minimum pressure valve mainly has the following functions:

(1) The oil and gas barrel can be opened only after the gas pressure exceeds 0.4MPa, which can reduce the air flow rate flowing through the oil-fine separator. In addition to ensuring the oil-fine separation effect, it can also protect the oil-fine separator from damage due to too large a pressure difference. damaged.

(2) Prioritize the establishment of the circulating pressure required by the lubricating oil when starting to ensure the lubrication of the machine.

(3) Back-to-back function: When the pressure in the oil and gas barrel drops after the Atlas air compressor parts are running and shut down, it prevents the compressed air from returning to the pipeline.

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