How to use the freeze dryer

Single-phase air compressor

Start up

1. Check whether the power supply voltage is correct, whether the leakage switch is installed, and whether the grounding work has been done?

2. Is the automatic drainer/drainpipe properly installed, and will the water be discharged to the machine?

3. For the water-cooled type, please start the cooling water tower and open the cooling water valve first.

4. If there is a power light (POWER ON, VOLTAGE ON), press the start button (ON, START) after the power light is on to start the machine. If there is no power light, you can directly press the switch direction to start the machine.

5. After starting, the running light (RUNNING) will remain on until the machine is shut down or when an abnormal warning occurs, the abnormal light (FAULT, OVERLOAD) will be on, and the running light will go out.

6. After starting, the compressor will keep running continuously and the running light must be on, but the air-cooled heat dissipation motor will run or stop due to the low light of the load (Note: Some models of heat dissipation motors are designed to not stop mode) .

7. After running for 30-60 minutes, the automatic drainer will start to accumulate water and perform drainage action.

8. Please keep the dryer in continuous use and do not connect it with the control circuit of the air compressor to cause the dryer to run repeatedly and stop, or use manual operation to turn it on and off repeatedly.

9. If the abnormal light is on or other abnormal phenomena, please refer to troubleshooting or contact our company

Single-phase air compressor

Shut down

1. Under normal circumstances, stop the operation of the air compressor first.

2. Press the stop button (OFF, STOP) on the dryer to shut down or the (0) direction of the light switch to shut down.

3. Cut off the power of the dryer, and pay attention to whether the power light is off.

4. For the water-cooled type, it is necessary to determine whether the cooling water tower and the water pump need to be closed.

Single-phase air compressor

Start again

1. The dryer must be restarted five minutes after it has been shut down, otherwise it will fail to start or even have abnormal indications or phenomena.

2. For the rest of the steps, please follow the procedure for loading and starting.

Single-phase air compressor

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