Air compressor host maintenance

Single-phase air compressor

1. Due to the long-term operation of the main engine of the screw air compressor without maintenance, the wear of the components increases, and some worn impurities remain in the cavity of the main engine, which will shorten the life of the lubricating oil. At the same time, due to impurities, the service time of oil and oil filter is greatly shortened, resulting in increased maintenance costs. In terms of power costs, due to increased friction and reduced compression efficiency, it is inevitable that power costs will increase. In addition, the decrease in air volume and quality of compressed air caused by the main engine of the air compressor will also cause an indirect increase in production costs. To sum up, if the air compressor host is not maintained after long-term operation, the possible consequences will not only cause serious damage to the host body, but also pose serious safety hazards. At the same time, it will bring serious direct and indirect economic losses to production. Therefore, after the main engine of the air compressor has been running for a certain period of time, it is necessary and necessary to carry out preventive maintenance.

2. The reason why the main bearing of the screw air compressor needs to be replaced: the running time of the screw air compressor is close to the maintenance time, and the life of the main bearing of the screw air compressor is gradually approaching the maximum allowable time limit. At this time, the amount of axial and radial movement gradually tends to the maximum design allowable value, and this change will cause a large change in the clearance between the male and female rotors of the main engine, the housing, and the exhaust end. At this time, the operation of the host is still safe, but it is time to consider arranging maintenance for the host. Because once the running time of the unit exceeds the maintenance period, the bearing wear and the matching clearance of the main engine will reach the limit allowed by the technical conditions of the main engine. At this time, the main engine will be in an unsafe operating state, and serious consequences will occur:

(1) There may be strong friction between the rotors, between the front and rear end faces, and between the main engine casing, which will increase the operating load of the main engine sharply, and the operating load of the severely worn bearings is also very large. In this way, the motor It will be in an overload operation state, which will seriously endanger the safe operation of the motor. If the situation is serious, if the electrical protection device of the air compressor unit does not respond flexibly or does not work, it may cause the motor to burn out.

(2) The increase in the matching clearance of the main engine will lead to a serious reduction in the efficiency of the main engine, that is, the air compressor exhaust volume will be greatly attenuated, which will have a certain impact on the normal use of air-consuming equipment, especially for those air compressor exhaust volume configurations Users with a small margin. Due to the attenuation of the exhaust volume of the air compressor, when the air consumption of the gas equipment is relatively stable, the compressed air pressure of the pipeline will drop a lot, and the gas equipment may not work normally, or may not work at all, thus affecting normal production. Or lead to temporary stoppage of production and bring losses to the enterprise.

(3) The most serious consequence is the sudden “locking” of the main engine. Once this happens, if the electrical protection system does not respond in time or the protection fails, it may also cause serious damage to the main motor and electrical system. Regarding the “locked” treatment of the host, on the one hand, the cost of overhaul will be much more expensive than normal maintenance; on the other hand, due to the damage of the host components, the overall performance of the repaired host will be worse than that of the normal host. However, if the damage to the mainframe has reached an irreparable level, it can only be scrapped and replaced with a new one, the direct loss is the greatest. Because the cost of buying a new host is usually about two-thirds of the cost of purchasing the entire air compressor, which is much higher than the cost of normal maintenance of the host. Under normal circumstances, the overall technical performance of a qualified mainframe after overhaul is very similar to that of a new mainframe.

From the above analysis, it can be seen that the main engine maintenance work of screw air compressor is the basis of equipment maintenance, and it is also the normal equipment maintenance cost of the enterprise, so as to avoid unnecessary capital loss and ensure the basic requirements of the normal production of the enterprise.

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