How to clean the filter element of screw air compressor

How to clean the filter element of screw air compressor


Introduction to the method of cleaning the filter element of the screw air compressor:


  1. Tap on both ends of the filter element in turn against a flat surface to remove most of the heavy and dry sand.


2.Blow with dry air less than 0.28MPa in the opposite direction to the inhaled air. The distance between the nozzle and the folded paper is at least 25 mm, and blow up and down along its length direction.


3. If there is grease on the filter element, it should be washed in warm water with non-foaming detergent, soak the filter element in this warm water for at least 15 minutes, and rinse with clean water in the hose, do not use heating to accelerate it Dry, a filter element can be washed 5 times, and then discarded for reuse.


4.Put a lamp in the filter element for inspection. If it is found to be thin, pinholes or damaged areas should be discarded. The inner and outer surfaces of the tubes of the cooler should be kept clean, otherwise the cooling effect will be reduced, so it should be cleaned regularly according to the working conditions.


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