Fault maintenance method of permanent magnet variable frequency air compressor

Fault maintenance method of permanent magnet variable frequency air compressor


What is the price of screw air compressor? Many users are more concerned about this. Consumers like to spend less money on what they want.


In fact, low price usually means low quality. Therefore, as a manufacturer of screw air compressors, we will share with you the common fault maintenance of air compressors, hoping to help you solve problems during the use of the unit. The screw air compressor has a jump failure during operation. Check the power supply and motor components, then check the automatic protection and automatic pressure regulation system and temperature control components of the compressor temperature again. Air compressor jumps are usually caused by valve failure in the pressure regulation system. Valve body rubber seals, plastic films, springs and other components are prone to failure, often concealed, and easy to give people misunderstandings.


Opening the unloading valve in advance is a kind of fault that is not easy to find, because the unloading valve has been closed before starting and stopping, and the unloading valve is also opened slowly at the time of starting, but the opening time is earlier than the time set by the unit, maybe only before opening a few seconds, but will increase the compressor’s starting current, making the compressor jump. Due to the small elasticity of the springs on the piston rod and guide rod that control the valve action, the unloading valve opens in advance. So that the control system does not send a load signal to the unloading valve, and sucks out the intake baffle under the vacuum negative pressure of the machine head, that is, the compressor is installed in advance. With no start, the motor’s current is so high that star-delta conversion is not possible, causing the air switch to trip.


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