Which compressor is used in cement industry?

Cement Manufacturing Process

1. What is the use of Compressed Air in the Cement Industry?

Cement Manufacturing Process

Compressed air is widely used in the cement industry. Generally, its usages are the following:

Ash Handling: the compressed air can be used as an aid or the means for moving material in the cement-making process; as the cement compressor can withstand the dust, moisture, and high temperature of the process, it’s an ideal tool for clearing build-ups and agglomerates.

Pneumatic control and actuators: the compressed air can also be used to move equipment or components of equipment, such as the actuation of valves and the movement of levers and probes, etc.

Tool Powering: compressed air is also used to power tools in the concrete manufacturing plant.

Cement Compressor for Conveying

Apart from the applications mentioned above, there are other applications specific to the cement industry: conveying and aeration. As the fine cement powder tends to clump, is difficult to transport and feed the cement in the production process. Thus the Cement Compressor is an important tool for pneumatic power to move cement powder from storage to production.

In summary, compressed air is essential in concrete manufacturing and the Air Compressor for Cement Industry plays an important role. This is the reason why the cement manufacturers invest heavily in the Air Compressors for the Cement Industry and the efficiency of the compressor is critical in the industry.


2. What is the advantage of a Two-Stage Compressor?

Sollant Two Stage Compressor is very popular in the cement industry for its highly efficient and energy-saving.

Sollant Two-stage PM VSD Air Compressor Series

The main difference between single and two-stage compressors is the number of times that air gets compressed between the inlet valve and the tool nozzle: in a single stage compressor, the air is compressed on time; in a two-stage compressor, the air is compressed twice for double the pressure.

Two-stage Compression Double Screw Air Compressor

Compared with the traditional Single-Stage Compressor, the benefits of the Two-Stage Compressor (Dual-Stage Compressor) are the following:

Higher Air Power: as we mentioned above, this two-stage compression from the Double Screw Air Compressor produces double-pressurized air, which serves as energy for vast arsenals for high-powered equipment. This makes the Two-Stage Air Compressor a better option for large-scale operations and continuous applications.

Improved Efficiency: The Two-Stage Compressor requires less work to compress air to a given pressure, which means a lower operating cost.

Better Reliability: there’s an intercooler stage in the Two-stage Compression by Double Screw Air Compressor; this avoids overheating of the air, which means more uptime and better productivity.

Less Moisture Buildup: as we mentioned above, the compressed air generated by the Two-Stage Compressor; saves the cost of a separate air dryer leading to compressed air with lower moisture content, which avoids equipment failure and premature wear.


3. What are the benefits of Sollant Energy-Saving Two-Stage Air Compressor?

Among so many China Industrial Two-Stage Compression machines, why choose Sollant Two-Stage Air Compressor?

Sollant Two-stage PM VSD Air Compressor Series

More specifically, our popular Air Compressor for Cement Industry is the Two-stage PM VSD Air Compressor Series. This series of products features the following benefits:

High Efficiency: Sollant Two-stage PM VSD Air Compressor is equipped with a Permanent Magnetic Variable Speed Motor and driven directly through gears; the conversion of the frequency reduces the energy consumption during the startup and this Direct Driven mode ensures that each stage of the rotor can obtain the best speed.

Energy Saving: The Direct Driven mode reduces the energy loss of coupling and gear. Besides, this PM VSD motor is characterized by a lower cost of energy, compared with a Single-Stage Fix Speed air compressor, the Two-stage PM VSD Air Compressor can save 40% energy.

High Stability: though there are two stages of air compression, our Two-Stage Air Compressor is featured an integrated shaft structure connecting the rotors; thus there’s less danger of coupling and gear failure.

Space Saving: the PM VSD motor adopted in the Sollant Two-Stage Air Compressor is small in size and the integrated structure that connects the motor and rotors, all these designs save space.


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