What are the preparation steps before repairing the air compressor?

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The air compressor cannot be disassembled directly before repair. It is best to perform the following steps to find the problem more accurately and ensure safety.


  1. Clean the environment


Make sure the machine is on a flat ground and check whether the safety pin, block and parking brake are assembled intact. When two or more workers operate together, they should strictly abide by the unified and consistent signals agreed by everyone and do not let anyone unauthorized approach. Pay close attention not to touch any hot parts to avoid burns. Do not be pulled by rotating parts. When disconnecting the wire, be sure to first disassemble the negative terminal of the battery. Confirm that the internal pressure of the air compressor is relieved before disassembling. When installing the measuring device, be sure to connect it properly. The purpose of troubleshooting is to accurately identify the root cause of the fault so that it can be repaired and eliminated quickly and prevent the fault from happening again. Therefore, the troubleshooter should have a basic understanding of the structure of the air compressor so as to form some general concepts about the possible causes of this fault.

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  1. Check and ask


After ensuring the safety of operation, don’t rush to disassemble the parts, because you haven’t confirmed where the problem is. It is very likely that unnecessary parts will be removed, or the problem will be ignored during the disassembly process. The correct approach should be to first ask the user or operator if there are any abnormalities in the recent operation of the air compressor. Are there any other problems besides the problems mentioned in the report? Did this failure occur suddenly? Under what circumstances did the failure occur? Was it repaired before the failure occurred? When was it repaired? How was it repaired? Has a similar failure occurred before? Then check all abnormal phenomena of the air compressor to confirm the approximate range of the failure.

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  1. Accurately locate the fault

The basic procedure for fault finding is to start with simple points first. Secondly, start with the most likely point. Finally, analyze and study other related parts or information data.


Even if the fault has been repaired, if the root cause of the fault is not eliminated, the same fault will occur again. In order to prevent this from happening, always analyze why the problem occurs. Then eliminate its root cause.

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