What are CNG compressors used for?

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1. What is the natural gas compressor?

As other kinds of air compressors, the Natural Gas Compressor (also called CNG Gas Compressor) is also used to reduce the volume of natural gas by increasing the pressure of the gas.

Natural Gas Compressor

Basically, there are two reasons for natural gas compression:

For gas storage and transport: The volume of the natural gas is reduced by compression and thus the gas can be stored in tanks or bottles for storage and transport.

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For natural gas distribution: The pressurization and attendant volume reduction make the natural gas move through pipelines for distribution from wellhead to end market. In a word, natural gas compression is essential during the whole distribution process via pipelines, including gas gathering, treating, and processing.

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For the gas distribution, we need a Natural Gas Compressor Station, which isn’t only a group of CNG gas compressors but an integral part of the natural gas pipeline network that moves natural gas from the production well site to end-users.

Sollant For the gas distribution we need a Natural Gas Compressor Station, which isn’t only a group of CNG gas compressors but an integral part of the natural gas pipeline network that moves natural gas from production well site to end users.

This system includes:

Filters: Due to possible impurities in the natural gas, such as moisture and particulates, it’s necessary to filter and process the natural gas prior to the compression.

Strainers: This will remove dirt and byproduct solids from the gas, which helps to reduce the potential wear and pitting on the inner surfaces of the natural gas compressor.

Natural Gas Compressor: Groups of compressor units regulated by computers.

Most compressor units operate in parallel, with the individual compressor units providing the needed additional pressure. The CNG booster compressor is also included.


2. What is the difference between an air compressor and a gas compressor?

Both the air compressor and the natural gas compressor are used to reduced the air or gas volume by increasing its power. What is the difference?

First, they have different purposes: an air compressor is a machine that produces potential energy stored in compressed air. It can be powered by electricity, gasoline, diesel, and including natural gas and then converts into another kind of energy in the form of compressed air. Generally, the air compressor is used to power pneumatic tools or fill air tanks and tires, etc. On the other hand, the CNG gas compressor is to compress the natural gas for its storage or distribution.

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Secondly, their products are different: the air compressor produces a mixture of gases that are similar to atmospheric air while the natural gas compressor compressed natural gas.


3. How do natural gas compressors work?

As we mentioned before, the working principle of the CNG gas compressor is similar to the air compressor. Generally, the oil and gas industry uses two types of natural air compressors: the Natural Gas Reciprocating Compressor or the Screw Compressor.

Natural Gas Reciprocating Compressor: this CNG gas compressor uses pistons for positive displacement to compress the natural gas. The gas enters the manifold, flows into the compression cylinder, and then discharges at a higher pressure.

Natural Gas Reciprocating Compressor

Screw Compressor: this kind of CNG gas compressor uses two meshing helical screws or rotors to compress the gas. The gas enters the suction side, moves through the threads being compressed, and then exits at the discharge side at a higher pressure.

As we mentioned above, the natural gas compressors are usually used in CNG compression stations for gas distribution and storage: depending on the volume of gas to be processed and the distance, the size, type, and quantity of compressors vary.

As a professional natural gas compressor manufacturer, we produce and offer different types of CNG gas compressors for different processing steps:

CNG Mother Station Compressor: Its reciprocating natural gas compressor is used to fill large volumes of CNG into mobile storage trailers.

CNG Mother Station Compressor

CNG Daughter Station Compressor: Once the natural gas is brought to the CNG station by mobile storage trailers, the Daughter Station Compressor can move the natural gas quickly and efficiently from the mobile storage to ground storage. During this process, the CNG booster compressor is necessary.

CNG Daughter Station Compressor

CNG Standard Station Compressor: This CNG gas compressor takes the natural gas from a pipeline. Then it compresses and dispenses the gas to daughter CNG stations, gas distribution systems, etc.

Sollant CNG Standard Station Compressor

Generally speaking, as a natural gas compressor supplier and in particular, an experienced reciprocating natural gas compressor manufacturer, Sollant offers a great variety of natural gas compressors of high quality

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4. Can you use an air compressor to compress natural gas?

Why do we need a professional CNG compressor manufacturer? Can we use an air compressor instead of a CNG compressor for natural gas compression?

The answer is NO!

Basically, there are two differences between air compression and natural gas compression:

  1. The molecular weight of the air is heavier than that of natural gas, which means that the horsepowers of two different compression work are different.
  2. Air doesn’t ignite but natural gas is flammable. Hence, if the machine overheats, the natural gas may ignite, which requires a better sealing effect for the natural gas compression. If you use the air compressor for CNG compression, any gas leak may cause an explosive atmosphere and result in an explosion.


For all these reasons the air compressor can’t be used to compress natural gas and it’s essential to choose a reliable CNG compressor manufacturer. Sollant is a professional natural gas manufacturer and if you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact us.

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