Which industrial application scenarios do Sollant two-stage screw compressors excel in?

industrial screw type air compressor

The two-stage screw compressor is a high-efficiency energy conversion equipment widely used in industrial fields. They provide high-efficiency, high-capacity compression solutions, and their unique design and performance advantages make them excellent in multiple application scenarios.

The following is a detailed introduction to the outstanding application scenarios of Sollant two-stage screw compressors in the industrial field:


In the manufacturing industry, air compressors are indispensable equipment used to supply compressed air to drive various process equipment and tools. Sollant two-stage screw compressors excel in this area, especially in applications requiring high pressure and large flow output. For example, industries such as automobile manufacturing, metal processing, and shipbuilding all require large amounts of compressed air to drive pneumatic tools, spray painting equipment, stamping machinery, etc. The two-stage screw compressor can provide stable high pressure and continuous gas supply to meet the needs of the manufacturing process.

Chemical and Petroleum Industry:

The chemical and petroleum industries need to handle large amounts of gases and liquids, and compressors are one of the core equipment in these processes. Two-stage screw compressors perform well in these industries and can be used for gas compression, mixing, transportation and processing. For example, in refineries, relying on Sollant’s core technology and based on customer needs, two-stage screw compressors can be used to provide high-pressure compressed air, inert gases and hydrogen to support various reactions and processing processes. In addition, in the fields of gas liquefaction, gas transportation and gas boosting in chemical production, two-stage screw compressors can also provide efficient compression solutions.

Pharmaceutical and food processing:

In the fields of medicine and food processing, the requirements for gas purity and stability are very high. The two-stage screw compressor can provide dry, oil-free and pollution-free compressed air to ensure product quality and production process safety. In the pharmaceutical industry, Sollant two-stage screw compressors are often used in manufacturing medical gases, compressing and drying, and transporting raw materials. In the food processing industry, two-stage screw compressors can be used in a variety of applications including gas boosting, freeze drying, packaging and gas mixing.

Energy industry:

The energy industry’s need for efficient energy conversion equipment is particularly important. Two-stage screw compressors excel in this area, especially in areas such as liquefied natural gas (LNG) and compressed natural gas (CNG). In the LNG production process, two-stage screw compressors are used to compress and transport liquefied natural gas to achieve efficient energy conversion during long-distance transportation. In CNG filling stations and natural gas storage stations, two-stage screw compressors are used to compress natural gas into high-pressure gas for storage and supply to vehicles and industrial equipment.

Sewage treatment and environmental protection:

In the fields of sewage treatment and environmental protection, two-stage screw compressors can be used to treat gas components in waste gas and wastewater. They can be used to compress and transport gases, such as carbon dioxide and oxygen, for processing and recycling. In addition, Sollant two-stage screw compressors can also be used in aeration systems in sewage treatment plants to provide oxygen to promote wastewater treatment efficiency in biological treatment processes.


In short, Sollant two-stage screw compressors have excellent application scenarios in industrial fields, including manufacturing, chemical and petroleum industries, pharmaceutical and food processing, energy industries, and sewage treatment and environmental protection fields. Its efficient energy conversion, stable pressure output and reliability make it an indispensable device in many industrial processes. With the continuous development of technology, two-stage screw compressors will continue to play an important role in the industrial field and contribute to improving production efficiency and energy utilization efficiency.


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